Involving more than 1.5 million yuan, Liaoning police cracked a series of theft cable case!

2022-07-10 0 By

Recently, the police of Development Zone Branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau worked hard and successfully cracked a series of cable theft cases involving more than 1.5 million yuan and arrested 4 suspects.Up to now, more than 400 kilograms of stolen cables have been recovered, with a loss of more than 1 million yuan, helping to optimize the law-based business environment and cracking down on illegal and criminal activities.After the police received the report, the development Zone branch and the Huanghai Road police station jointly operated and quickly carried out the investigation work.After investigation, the monitoring host in the residential area has been destroyed and stolen, and there is no video resources at the center, so the specific time of the incident cannot be determined. It is suspected that the case is committed by many people, who may have pre-positioned, destroyed the monitoring facilities at the scene and then transferred the stolen goods and drove away.The police quickly locked the passage point of the crime transport vehicle and collected nearly 720 hours of surveillance video around this road point. After repeated investigation for 3 days, a suspicious van was finally captured.The police gathered clues resources to handle the case, and after careful deployment, dispatched more than 20 police officers to collect suspects.The arrest team fought for 18 hours and captured four suspects in Jinzhou district, Ganjingzi District, Development Zone and Lushunkou District.In front of a large amount of evidence collected by the police investigation, the four suspects finally gave up resistance and truthfully confessed to the crime of stealing cables and selling stolen goods during the construction site shutdown.At present, 4 criminal suspects have been detained on suspicion of theft.Source: Dalian Public Security Bureau Editor: Wang Dan Review: Hu Xiaoliang