Drawing tutorial: Turn to hand drawing tutorial

2022-07-10 0 By

1, find material 1, find material first take a picture of a suitable flower, as far as possible to take a clear picture of this flower and leaf, convenient for us to dig out the complete flowers and leaves behind.2, Drawing process 2, drawing process select the flowers and leaves you need, cut them out and splice them into the shape you want.Brush the center of the flower with some red to saturate it.Draw the heart of the flower, and draw the light in a high saturated color.Add some color to the flowers and leaves to give the flowers some color tendency.To better match the hand-drawn effect, we copied a layer and made a woodcut effect in Filter – Filter library (parameters can be adjusted according to the actual situation).Set the layer mode to a light color and 43% opacity (you can also erase some).This step is to create the stroke effect: Create a new layer of flowers, find the edges under Filter – Stylize, and adjust the layer properties to color burnish and layer opacity.For the finished image, change to a bright background color and use the normal layer to brush a little white in the dark area for air. A hand-painted flower is complete.