CAI Wenji “adorable baby” skin image first explosion, Ake 1 yuan limited return?1788 points to Sun Wukong

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Wen │ Kerr game said original CAI Wenji as a very popular auxiliary hero, it is a long time have not had a new skin, the latest new skin seems to be two years ago, the source of the dream skin, logically speaking to the hero’s popularity should not be separated by so long out of the skin.Fortunately, the news of CAI Wenji’s new skin finally began to be revealed recently. According to the news, CAI Wenji’s new skin may be the seven skin of aristocrat. This skin has also been revealed recently, which is a very cute child image skin.In addition, bloggers have recently revealed that there will be a skin return, this skin is a yuan skin deadly elegance.Then bian Que’s 6 yuan skin may also be online at the time of the Goddess Festival, and monkey’s mecha skin now has the qualification to return to the show, how is the matter, let’s look together.It has been said for a long time that CAI Wenji’s “adorable baby” skin image first burst aristocrat seven skin, but there has been no movement, and I don’t know exactly when it will come out.If it were not for a lot of well-known anchors said that there is this skin, players are doubtful whether the aristocrat seven skin.The aristocrat seven skin now has the news that this skin to the hero is CAI Wenji.As for why CAI Wenji is chosen, it may be related to the first charge reward, because the hero options presented by the first charge reward are Zhao Yunyuji and CAI Wenji, and now CAI Wenji does not have aristocratic skin, which may be related to this.Recently, some netizens revealed the general image of CAI Wenji’s skin, but of course, the authenticity is still uncertain.As shown in the picture above, this is the image of CAI Wenji’s aristocratic seven skin revealed by netizens. Judging from the hairstyle and the chair behind, it is indeed CAI Wenji.However, this expression is a little weird, it seems that instead of CAI Wenji’s cute and silly, it reveals the strange and clever, which is exactly the point, so I am not sure if it is true, after all, CAI Wenji’s character does not appear this expression.Ke has a skin that has not been returned for a long time, and this skin is the fatal elegance of the brave skin.Although it is only a brave person, but this skin is actually very good to look at, especially the face modeling, especially beautiful, at the beginning but ake’s most popular skin.The skin was sold for $1 at the time, and it appears that it has never been revived.However, it has been revealed that this skin will be added to the indiana Jones prize pool in the near future, and there is a probability that you can draw this skin during the indiana Jones prize.In addition, Bian Que recently has a new skin will be on the shelves soon, this is a 6 yuan skin, and lian Po 6 yuan skin Endless Journey is the same.The launch of the skin is said to take place during the Goddess Festival, which took place in early March.Last year, the Monkey monkey released two types of skin, one was a mecha skin released in January, and the other was a journey to the West skin released for the anniversary.Now in February 2022, a year has passed since the monkey’s mecha skin is eligible for return.Last year’s anniversary celebration didn’t show the dominance of monkey players because monkey didn’t have skin to enter the voting pool. This year, however, monkey may have two skins to enter the voting pool, one is mecha skin and the other is Sun Walker.However, in order to avoid the situation that all the votes are monkeys, the official may make the return of the machine skin first, so that there will be only Sun Walker when voting, so it is possible that the machine skin will return in the following time.Can say that CAI Wenji’s new skin should be the noble seven skin, if true, for CAI Wenji players do not know is a blessing or a curse, after all, the noble seven is also to rush 2000 dollars.Ke’s one yuan skin if the return of the estimated will not be one yuan, netizens said that the integral treasure is the most likely.This year, monkey’s mecha skin and Sun Walker will definitely return, and monkey will definitely have new skin, so monkey players will have some fun this year.