60,000 police officers are on duty every day, handling 250,000 incidents of various types. This is how they spend the Spring Festival holiday!

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Lunar New Year holiday in 2022, according to public security department of sichuan province, sichuan province were notified of the public security organ for handling all types of industry in 250000, 21000, to provide convenient service of criminal, public security alert year-on-year decline 28% and 13%, respectively, no major vicious criminal cases, there is no group die group of injury of public safety accidents and road traffic accidents.Provincial public security police auxiliary with their own “hard index” for the people’s “peace index” and “satisfaction index”.In accordance with the requirements for deployment of sichuan provincial party committee, provincial government and the Ministry of Public Security, public security planning in advance to deploy in sichuan province, the entire pressure drive, continuous compaction compaction, the implementation of the prevention and control measures, go all out to do a good job of security during the Spring Festival series, strong coordination Beijing Olympic security, ensures that the entire province political and social and public security situation is smooth,For the whole Sichuan people to celebrate the Spring Festival to create a safe and peaceful social security environment.Public security organs at the provincial, city and county levels simultaneously launched joint command and operation mode, and launched first-level armed patrol and high-level prevention and control work, giving full play to the role of more than 3,700 street police positions, and keeping 60,000 police officers on the frontline every day.Full efforts will be made to ease traffic jams, patrol streets, prevent and control the epidemic on a regular basis, respond to emergencies, provide rescue services, and provide convenience services.At the same time, front-line law enforcement and window service police accurately grasp the standardization and specialization of law enforcement, so as to achieve both strength and temperature.Since January 18, sichuan provincial public security organ shall start the “three check” action, focus on the first remove all kinds of risks, examine the industry places (unit) 66000, found 4400, corrective security hidden danger can find all kinds of vehicles were 330000, 760000, seized illegal crime suspect 920 people, resolve the prominent contradiction dispute since 560.For during the Spring Festival travel concentrated masses, increase markedly on characteristics of public security traffic administration solid travel road traffic safety management, carry out road transport illegal operation of the “one hundred – day engines” rectification, scrutiny introduce “SanChao a fatigue”, drunken driving drunk, emergency lane highway occupies key illegal behavior.Severe freezing rain and snow weather occurred frequently in some areas of the province, especially in Yaxi, Yakang and other parts of the highway encountered heavy snowfall, resulting in ice and snow on roads.Sichuan province public security department launched the emergency response plans, and bad weather in the province of the relevant sections of high-speed traffic police and local police the police on the road, with relevant departments to actively joint logistics linkage, through deicing snow melt, police escort, “all the various” marshalling pressure way, stranded passengers channel, such as a number of measures, and publish to the society province public security traffic police corps and the call of the associated risk,We accept people’s help 24 hours a day to meet people’s travel needs to the greatest extent.During the Spring Festival, the traffic flow to rise sharply, the highway under the condition of average daily traffic increased 14.3% year-on-year, the entire province road traffic accident), the number of deaths, injury fell about 40%, 38% and 41% respectively compared to the same “, not a death more than 3 people larger accident, a wide range of traffic congestion for a long time, the province’s overall smooth road traffic order.(Sichuan Public Security Department, Sichuan Observation)