Wild vegetables on the market | taste the taste of spring

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Nor, potherb were successively debut revival they absorb the gas of germinal health and delicious both heaven and earth especially through the baptism of the big fish big meat during the Spring Festival this a pure and fresh happy person, perhaps more than thick oil red sauce meet spring wild game gold, five big Yellow River carp cook with seasonal originality r&d multichannel spring seasonal vegetables word of fresh let you taste the taste of spring!Shepherd’s purse JI CAI, the earliest spring vegetables it crisp green,Tender camelina fragrance is rich in vitamins, amino acids and so on in the folk “In February shepherd’s purse race Lingdan” said this colander camelina shepherd’s purse will be blanched after the cold fresh and refreshing can be called the representative of the spring umami toon XIANGCHUN is shunned by some because of its strange, rich flavor but for those who love it it’s the flavor of spring as the saying goes,Take meat do not change toon and egg is a classic collocation of this stone cooking toon eggs beat eggs add toon broken stir evenly into the heated stone pot with wonderful “ZI Zi” sound aroma blow on the face bright color rich fragrance, soft taste let a person appetite wide open!With fresh stems and leaves, this garlic TA CAI dish has a special aroma of chrysanthemum. When you bite into it, your mouth is filled with the smell of early spring.Eat more food, pointed food, pointed that “bolt” spring breeze blows oil bolt they slipped out of my head a head of rice grain buds waiting to bloom at this time of bolt green juice, tasty is a rare delicacy while alive after such delicious green remove immediately the pot boil some Fried a spicy Fried oil bolt out of the pot the salty fresh crisp and delicious, another a cold dish bolt mix Huang Douxian beautiful fragrance,Big, crisp, chewy bites seem to open up a secret avenue to spring — miantitoken noodles, also known for their spaghetti-like leaves.Noodles green tree, plump, fresh and add it to garlic and oil, wrapped up a flour steamed steamed noodles on the table tree in memory, pick up the chopsticks into the mouth of spring tender moment was the tip of the tongue will awaken another delicious potherbs of corn noodles after chopped mix well into a hollow tree’s steamed green color, tasty with garlic juice consumption is also don’t have a taste the awaken of spring thick,PS: The period of wild vegetables in spring is very short, if you miss it, you have to wait for another year!No spring is complete without wild vegetables. What is your favorite spring wild vegetable?Please leave a comment below. 10 fans will be selected to give one coupon for wild vegetables tasting in spring. The deadline is 18:00, February 12, 2022