Where to invest in Ukraine?How to invest?

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On February 12, Beijing time, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Joe Biden held a telephone conversation for nearly an hour to discuss the Crisis in Ukraine.The telephone summit between the US and Russia is also seen as a last-ditch attempt to defuse the crisis in Ukraine.But in the end, the effort was mispaid.The STATE Department ordered all but “core” members of its diplomatic team to leave the U.S. embassy in Kiev.Australia and New Zealand also told their citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.These signals, once again, have put Ukraine in the hot seat.What exactly is Mr Putin’s condition?What are the main points of negotiations between the United States and Russia?Is war imminent?At 8 o ‘clock on February 12, Dr. Qiu Zhenhai made a detailed analysis of the game process of all parties in the Ukraine situation, as well as the prediction and analysis of the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine in the program “Zhenhai, Moon and Moon talk”.For those who are interested in the situation in Ukraine, you can add a link on wechat in the background to get a replay.Geopolitical tensions, once again increase market anxiety.One theory is that the US is amplifying the conflict, spooking stock markets around the world, sending money back to the US and prompting investors to buy Treasuries to coincide with the Fed’s rate hike.If you think about it, every time the Fed does something new, Ukraine gets pulled into the mix.But in the medium to long term, the direction of stocks, currencies and the dollar is related to the broader economy, if we leave Ukraine aside.The US economy has enjoyed relatively healthy development in recent years. The us dollar has raised interest rates and shrunk its balance sheet, causing capital from all over the world to flow back to the US. This is an economic problem and has nothing to do with the situation in Ukraine itself.We need to take two things apart, the state of high inflation in the United States, causing market chaos, or put it in the economic perspective, this is a long-term economic development.In the long run, the Ukraine situation will not have A great impact on A shares.The situation in Ukraine is localized and will not affect China’s overall market, nor will it have a major impact on the stock market, property market or renminbi.Given the current situation in Ukraine, oil prices, energy, U.S. stocks and currencies will be heavily influenced by geopolitical events in the short to medium term.Investors need to find their own hedge against escalating geopolitical tensions.In the short term, this could be a big year for gold.How to invest?In the short term, the market is changing from week to week, funds can be hurt by the situation, need to pay attention to safe havens and conduits.For more content, please tune in to the live replay of “Earthquake, Sea, Moon and Talk” on February 12!Let’s take a look at the Situation in Ukraine and find safe investments.When the two camps start to form, it will take at least 3-5 years.If it does, China’s wealthy elite may face more trouble.What shape will the country take in the future?What happens to the wealth of the elite?These will be the long-term implications of the eventual outcome in Ukraine.This Saturday at 8 p.m., “Across the Sea” will continue, bringing you in-depth interpretation of the international situation and specific analysis of investment risk, a total of matrix, comprehensive, insider trend feast.