Short qingming small long holiday, Hangzhou 30 to 40 people therefore hospitalized!The doctor warned: be careful in doing this

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April 5 is the Tomb-sweeping Day, which is also a good time for outing and sweeping the tombs. However, it is worth noting that some areas will inevitably be cloudy and rainy, and the mountain roads will be slippery, leading to many dangers.According to statistics, recently, there are 30 or 40 people in the mountain climbing play or grave fall caused fracture, to Hangzhou Fuyang traditional Chinese medicine bone injury hospital treatment, therefore, the doctor repeatedly remind you: mountain climbing must pay attention to safety.A few days ago, Ms. Liu (pseudonym), who lives in Linping, went to the mountain to sweep the grave as in previous years.Because the site of the tomb is located in the mountains, the road is rugged and steep, so they have to hold on to the side of the bamboo to slowly move forward.Hold a memorial ceremony for ancestors, just walk back half, liu but accidentally stepped on an empty halfway up the mountain, with the wines, bottom heavy fall on the stone, she only feel my legs ached, fortunately there was a medical workers among peers and suggest liu don’t move first, and then from the foot of shout, with the help of temporary and made a stretcher.It took several men more than half an hour to carry Liu to the foot of the mountain and then to the Fuyang Traditional Chinese Medicine Bone Injury Hospital in Hangzhou.Look at liu has “turn over” feet, zhang ping yao got &experience clinic director also pretty shocked: tomb-sweeping day these days has accepts more than ten visit grave, mountain climbing, dig bamboo shoots, or hurt patients when the tea plucking, various: upper extremity fractures, with thoracolumbar fractures, a sprained foot, “but in the patients with a sprained foot, such as liu is too serious.”Originally, Ms. Liu is right tibiofibula lower end of the comatose fracture with ankle dislocation, the injury is complex, still need surgery to complete rehabilitation, at present can only be reduced to reduce her pain feeling.Then liu was income joint a ward to surgery, director of the doctor says, because her feet are not detumescence, wounds and blisters appear, such as swelling subsided and finish cutting and internal fixation after the operation, is probably two months or so to walk, a doctor also said: “recently, a sprained foot patients do a lot more”.And yesterday morning, the money newspaper reporter learned again from the director of the injury department clinic Zhang, and treated two patients who accidentally fall up the mountain, simply they are just distal radius fracture, the doctor for them after the manipulation of bone, they can take medicine home to rest, but the so-called “one hundred days”, the safety problem still can not be underestimated.Qingming holiday, mountain should pay attention to what?What should I do if I accidentally fall?Director Zhang warm tips: 1, should try to avoid steep paths, do not climb mountains and rocks alone.2. Elderly people with weak legs and unstable gait are prone to injury accidents. It is best not to climb mountains or be accompanied by family members and friends.3, encounter trauma bleeding can be used to wash the wound with clean water, and then wrapped with a towel;If the bleeding is still not stopping, pressure hemostasis method can be used. After 1 hour, loosen it every 10 minutes or so to ensure blood circulation.4, joint sprain do not use hand rubbing, take cold water, or filled with water mineral water bottles, ice with a handkerchief wrapped for about 15 minutes, serious should be immediately sent to the hospital.5, if someone falls from a high or suspected fracture, splint or wood can be used to fix the injury, while the patient is placed on a flat, hard stretcher, and fixed to prevent body shaking, after sent to the hospital.In case of emergency, please dial 120 for help.Source: Qianjiang Evening News · hours news correspondent Wang Longling reporter he Lina on duty editor: Zhou Qin statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: