Media broke the news: the above for the National football team is also very disappointed, do not want to pay all efforts for this group of people

2022-07-09 0 By

Chinese football has given its fans two defeats during the Spring Festival, with each worse than the last becoming the target of social criticism.As we all know, although the national football Team’s performance is not good before, but the football Association and the above are doing their best to provide the best protection for the national football team, but now there are media reports that the above is also very disappointed with the National football team, has not planned to pay all efforts for this wave of people.Due to China’s epidemic prevention regulations, it is a little difficult to set the home field in China, only Li Tie led the first match of the top 40 tournament in Suzhou, the home field of the Chinese team in the following matches are changed to foreign countries.However, during the national football team competition, the football association has been trying to find ways to let the Chinese team home can be changed back as soon as possible, but now it seems almost hopeless.First of all, the national football team’s poor performance in the round of 12 matches, coupled with the epidemic prevention difficulties, so many stadiums in China would rather rent venues to stars for concerts than serve as the home of the national football team.It’s even less likely now that the national team has played so poorly in its two away games over the past year, losing 2-0 to Japan and 3-1 to Vietnam and becoming a domestic disgrace.In this regard, The Beijing Youth Daily broke the news that the last home of the Chinese football team is almost impossible to be held in China, most likely in Sharjah.I have to say, the national football team is really let all Chinese people disappointed, the top people are not willing to fight for the national football team, to say the word, it is hopeless to qualify, the results are still so poor, no morale, just play outside.I hope the General Administration of Sports and the Football Association can still focus on the youth training, now the Chinese football team is really not good, first of all, they are not young, the future of the Chinese football team still depends on more young players to fill up.(the way)