Lantern Festival in Fuzhou, Fujian Province

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“Light lanterns and pray, guess lantern riddles, enjoy tangyuan, make lanterns, experience folk customs…”The 15th day of the first lunar month is yuanxiao, full of “New Year flavor” activities again fuzhou New Year atmosphere to the climax.(Photo by Luo Xiaoying, CNR reporter) Lanterns have been lit up in fuzhou recently to celebrate the Lantern Festival.The well-designed light show and theme lighting sets set the festive atmosphere of banyan City extremely strong, allowing citizens and tourists to enjoy a different feast of festive culture.On the evening of February 14th, the reporter of China Central Radio entered the Historical and cultural district of Sanfang and Seven Alleyways in Fuzhou, and the Lantern Festival immersive interactive Lantern Festival with the theme of “Lantern Festival · Light and shadow like day” was lit, attracting many citizens and tourists to take photos and clock in for experience.(Photo by Luo Xiaoying, reporter) “This lantern is so unique. It is lit with candles.”In the evening, the tourists were attracted by the traditional lanterns in the hands of Teacher Chen Yongjian, the volunteer narrator of Three lanes and seven lanes, and they sincerely sighed.(Photo by Luo Xiaoying, CENTRAL radio network reporter) The Lantern Festival in Fuzhou began in the Han Dynasty.By the Tang Dynasty, Fuzhou had become one of the most popular cities in China.In the Song Dynasty, fuzhou lanterns were made of excellent quality and were listed as the top grade of the Kyoto Light Market.As the central axis of “Three lanes and seven alleys” of Fuzhou historical and cultural block, Nanhou Street used to be the largest market for making and selling traditional lanterns in Fuzhou urban area.In addition, the reporter learned that this year’s Lantern Festival, Fuzhou districts and counties also set up wonderful activities.For example, the 20th “Two Horses in the Same Spring Festival” lantern Fair was held by Mawei.Cangshan District Yantai Mountain luo zhai before the “love yantai happy lamp tide” lamp group;Taijiang District shangshanghang Santong bridge “time hang fujian business fudi” lamp group.(Reporter Luo Xiaoying) Source: Central Radio network