Hack version red Flag H9?Red flag brand-new car spy shine exposure, entry 2.0T power, hope to appear on the market within the year

2022-07-09 0 By

As the only luxury brand in autonomous vehicles, the performance of the red flag in the past two years is amazing at all, whether it’s brand culture shape, and the improvement of the market layout, the red flag is in place, and that there is very focused on sales, in the past two years, the red flag car sales growth visible to the naked eye,Although can’t be with the same level of BMW, Benz, Audi and other luxury brands challenge, but threatened a few second-line luxury brands, and showed the trend of more than second-line luxury brands, have to say, red flag car nearly two years of development is very successful.The moment, the red flag, the layout of the cars and SUV market is already very perfect, basically every niche has built up the corresponding models, in the current fire MPV market at the same time, the red flag also began to layout, and exposes its first MPV models, it is understood that the MPV is expected to be on the market in this year, the car market as key battleground of the red flag brand,Will also further increase the intensity of the release, from the recent exposure of the news, the red flag will launch a new car model – red flag H6, recently, the media exposed a group of red flag H6 spy photos, in the end how the performance of the red flag H6, let’s combine spy photos to understand.From the point of appearance of photos, the red flag H6 coverage can say very carefully, but I still can see from some details on the new car family adopted the red flag of the latest design language, the design of the front face can say pretty similar with the red flag H9, massive grille is very solid, joined the straight waterfall type among chrome-plating decorations decoration, split type big chy-tech is long and narrow and sharp,The interior is equipped with LED light source, which presents the recognition and brings the concept of comparison.Side of the car body design is the continuation of the red flag car consistent design language, the former after the high low waist line with the red flag H9, looks very elegant, with a slight slip back modelling is very dynamic, quite a few minutes the car run both visual feeling, in addition, on the tail building, through type taillight has became the biggest highlight of the tail, tail lights on both sides of the modelling of Y type,With the help of the internal light source, a more advanced side is created, while the popular upturned duckling tail and bilateral chrome-plated tail row are reflected, further enhancing the movement of the tail.Through the photos, the red flag H6 interiors have very big difference with the red flag H9, did not add too much luxury element, is relatively simple modern style, instead of the entire central administrative levels feeling is very superior, layout of the panel to work with makings is sincere, with soft package material is given priority to, and added a small amount of chrome plated element is decorated, seam detail processing is very solid,The biggest highlight of the interior is the super-sized vertical LCD central control screen, which brings a sense of science and technology while also integrating a series of functional configurations, including some popular intelligent technology configuration.At present, the power of the red Flag H6 has not been announced, but can be predicted according to the power of the previous red flag H5 and H7, it is expected to carry a 2.0T turbocharged engine, and is expected to add new energy power, as for the red flag H9 that 3.0T V6 power, the probability will not appear on the red flag H6.It can be seen from the name, red flag H6 positioning between red flag H5 and RED flag H7, positioning medium-sized car, and in terms of price, the starting price is expected to be between 180,000-200,000, for such a price, do you recognize?