The thoughtfulness and fun of the spirit animal

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As another result of the intelligent combination of Great Wall Motor lemon platform and coffee, Shenbeast created a new category of “black science and technology” under the Haffer brand, but also aroused people’s curiosity again and again.The Great Wall car brand popular category, will be what kind of performance, this “god beast”, in the end is a strong performance of the “beast” or thoughtful interesting “spirit beast”, but also after the test drive to have a conclusion.The “100% digital intelligent cockpit” of Haf God Beast is obviously the focus of our test drive, which is also close to the “black technology” category positioning of Haf God Beast.The 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and 14.6-inch central control screen form a curved large screen group that stretches across the front. Most of the functional keys are replaced by touch control, which makes the driving of the gods have a feeling of operating a spaceship. The irregular shape of the outer edge of the central control screen further deepens this sci-fi feeling.Also sci-fi is the gesture recognition function of the Harf god beast.Through the car camera, God beast can recognize five gestures such as “like”, “OK”, “victory”, “fist” and “hush”, and through these gestures call air conditioning, atmosphere lights, car camera photography, instrument switch, mute and other control functions, with high playability.In addition, the car camera also has a face recognition function, in the automatic identification of the preset driver identity, automatic seat habits, driving habits, music, etc., to adjust to its preset Settings, “special person and special car” sense of advanced arises spontaneously.If the human-computer interaction experience of Hafu Shenzoon makes us feel the thoughtfulness and interest of this “spirit animal”, then the experience in the road test shows the strong strength of Shenzoon in advanced driving assistance.The Harf is equipped with up to 17 radars and nine cameras, making it an extensive and precise detection system with a strong sense of its surroundings.On this basis, Hafu Shenwu is equipped with the HWA intelligent auxiliary driving system at the leading level. Through the HWA intelligent auxiliary driving system, Shenwu can realize the operation of automatic following and automatic lane change, which makes driving easier and more reliable.In the test drive process, we have the opportunity to fully experience the intelligent driving assistance function of Hafu God Beast.Relying on HWA intelligent driving assistance system, Hafu Magic Beast can realize vehicle following, auxiliary lane change and other operations.At the same time, under the premise of good road conditions, the Hafu god beast can also pass the curve by itself through the active tracking function.For users who often need to drive long distances, this intelligent driver assistance system is enough to make long distance driving a pleasure.In most cases, the driver only needs to monitor the driving state of the vehicle and keep the intelligent driver assistance system working continuously with simple actions.In some special cases, the intelligent driver assistance system can also monitor the driver’s state, to avoid the safety risks caused by distraction and oversight.In addition, hafu god beast also has 50 meters of automatic tracking reversing, mobile phone remote parking and other functions.The former used to be the exclusive function of luxury cars, but now it has achieved “technological equality” here.The latter is a typical example of using new technology to solve an old problem in the face of common “parking difficulties”.It should be pointed out that the “behind-the-scenes hero” of this series of functions is qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 standard chip carried by Hafu God Beast.This is currently one of the best core processors for vehicles, using a 7-nanometer process, capable of trillions of operations per second.It is under its support that The Hafu Magic Beast can bring interesting human-computer interaction, smooth operation experience and rich intelligent driving functions.For Haf, it has done a solid job of integrating these “black tech” experiences into a compact SUV costing less than 170,000 yuan