The president of Costa Rica has tested positive for COVID-19

2022-07-08 0 By

SAN Jose, February 10 (Reporter Fan Xiaolin)Costa Rican President Jose Alvarado has tested positive for coronavirus, the country’s presidential office said Tuesday.According to a press release issued by costa Rica’s presidential office, Alvarado was tested positive for novel coronavirus tests on Tuesday afternoon after showing mild symptoms.Alvarado has canceled all in-person activities, will stay home and work online.Alvarado posted on social media on Sunday that he completed two doses of COVID-19 vaccine a few months ago and is now in good health.Mr Alvarado’s wife was confirmed to have contracted the Novel Coronavirus virus a week ago, and he has since been tested for it three times, all of which have come back negative.Costa Rica is currently seeing more than 6,000 new coronavirus cases a day, according to the country’s ministry of Health.Costa Rica had 745,749 confirmed cases and 7,730 deaths as of Friday.(after)