TES zero seal LNG promotion to the final four, the left hand hero pool is admirable, super god fox crushing win!

2022-07-08 0 By

LPL division recently ushered in a very high content of the playoffs, that is THE LNG and board battle team competition.Both teams are perfect in the LPL division, but only one team can advance to the final four after meeting in the playoffs.Before the game began, most fans were more optimistic that LNG would win because it was in a better position and had a much stronger regular season than The board.But the results of the game to fans are very surprised, because of the deep bo clan is rolling in the game to win, although the two sides played in the first game have to have it back, LNG team even once obtained the advantages, but after being deep bo won the first game, after the second and the third game of LNG has always been being according to play.So can shun tao bo team this is completely by virtue of strength to win, especially the level of BP, in the second game, tao Bo got a very comfortable lineup.Of course, tao Bo can play so comfortable, in fact, thanks to the left hero pool, in the second and third game of the duel, left hand got the fox hero, and played the super god.In fact, the fox is not very popular in the current version, because many players can’t carry a fox, so it won’t be taken seriously.There were even a few teams who thought it was a waste of BP to give ban to fox, but it has to be said that left-handed fox must be respected.And the first game is also quite key, after Arlo took out Jess, Tao Bo is to single Wayward got the barrels.It wasn’t always easy on the road, but Wayward managed to overcome the pressure and helped his teammates win multiple times with his perfect big moves.Although Arlo with Jess hit more than thirty thousand damage, but from the role of the two men in the group war, Arlo is completely unable to compare with Wayward, it can be said that Tao Bo is now there is no short board., of course, after the last four of the promotion, the deep bo team before the road have also become more clear, because after the last four of the promotion, you will get “resurrection”, even in the game after game 1 loss lose the game, the deep bo team can also get a chance to turn over, it is true for the player’s state of mind adjust very helpful.But once said, the next opponent will be more difficult to play, so said the tao Bo team or need to be more stringent requirements on their own, I believe that as long as maintain the present state, they will be able to go farther!