How to deal with car emergency breakdown when the car is moving

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When there is a fault in driving and there is no spare parts supply and urgent need, we can take some emergency repair methods.1. When the inlet and outlet hose break is not large, the water leakage can be wrapped up with a layer of soap cloth;If the rupture is large, cut off the broken part of the hose, put a bamboo or iron pipe in the middle, and bind it with iron wire.2, fan belt fracture can break the belt with wire or use the open stop way to drive away.3, screw hole sliding buckle screw hole sliding buckle will lead to oil leakage or loosening of the connecting rod, so that it can not work.At this time, the original screw can be beaten flat with a hammer, so that its two sides expand and increase and then tighten, but not many disassembly, to be repaired when the next maintenance.4, fuel tank damage in the use of motor vehicles, oil tank oil leakage, can be wiped clean, with soap or bubble gum coated in the oil leak, temporarily blocked;Repair with epoxy resin adhesive, the effect is better.5, tubing rupture tubing rupture can be wiped clean, coated with soap, with cloth or tape wound in the tubing rupture, and tied with wire, and then coated with a layer of soap.6, tubing broken tubing broken can find a root and tubing diameter suitable for the rubber or plastic pipe sleeve.If the sleeve is not tight enough, both ends should be tied with iron wire to prevent oil leakage.7, the cylinder head trachoma and oil leakage, water leakage can be based on the size of trachoma, choose the corresponding specifications of electrical fuse, with a hammer gently hit it into the trachoma, can eliminate oil leakage, water leakage.8, oil pipe joint oil leakage motor vehicle use, such as engine oil pipe joint oil leakage, oil pipe bell and oil pipe nut is not sealed.Cotton yarn can be wound on the lower edge of the horn, and then tighten the tubing nut and tubing joint;Bubble gum or maltose can also be chewed into a paste, coated in the tubing nut seat mouth, dry coagulation after the sealing effect.9. When the diaphragm or the diaphragm of the oil pump is broken or broken, the diaphragm can be removed from the oil pump. The diaphragm can be formed by sawing file according to the original shape and size with rubber board, electrical insulating formica or plastic cloth, and polished and mounted.10. After the valve spring is broken, the broken spring can be removed, and the two broken sections can be installed in reverse, and then the valve spring can be used.Can also find a 1 mm thick sheet metal, cut into 1 mm greater than the spring diameter wafer, internal cut a round hole, the diameter is less than the spring diameter of 4 mm, outside edge every 6 mm cut into 4 mm long gap, after been cut every one slice of a groove, forming double spring seat will spring back into the tin slot can be used again.