“Front-line anti-epidemic” in Baise, Guangxi: Guard a gate to protect a city, and the public security and traffic police in Baise have never been ahead of the epidemic

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Source:Baigui police on February 7 is the first day of home quarantine in Baise,Road to ban all traffic in the city the city seemed to have been pressed the pause button when the vast majority of citizens in the home also do contribution for disease resistance baise public security traffic police on the road, go all out, stick to the road to gather to prevent the mighty power of the outbreak of the risk to prevent the spread of the outbreak of the traffic control management measures put in place debao epidemic prevention and control points:After the outbreak, the Debao Epidemic Prevention and control team assigned by the Traffic Police detachment has been sticking to the front line. On February 7, according to the headquarters’ requirement of “no entry, no exit” traffic control, all traffic control measures were taken to resolutely block the channels of epidemic transmission.High-speed intersection, traffic control and ShuDu chang bao early February 7, is the Spring Festival small long vacation the end of the highway toll free time node, is “not out”, the starting point of the traffic control, public security traffic police department baise service overall, balanced and adhere to the traffic control and ShuDu chang bao, maximize the dredge vehicles stranded on the highway.In the early morning of February 7, the highway management brigade of the traffic police detachment set up duty stations in the area, and implemented traffic control on passing vehicles, strictly implementing control measures of “no entry, no exit”.On the morning of February 7, the traffic police detachment of the whole road in the city to persuade private cars and people to reduce travel, good personal protection.Each county (city, district) : set up a card to guard against death each county (city, district) traffic police brigade in the area of the main intersection section set up duty points, persuade all kinds of vehicles, persuade the masses to reduce travel, do a good job of personal protection.Police reminder: According to the Notice on Home Quarantine issued by the Headquarters of the Leading Group for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Baise, the city has decided to take home quarantine control measures starting from 00:00 on February 7, 2022. All citizens are requested to comply with the measures consciously, and the lifting time depends on the further announcement of the epidemic situation.Schools and training institutions were closed and public transport was suspended during the home quarantine period.Except for supermarkets, farmers’ markets, hospitals and pharmacies, all other businesses will be closed.The catering industry tries to provide takeout delivery services.Ensure epidemic prevention, medical services, city operation, on-duty duty, security personnel, takeaway delivery personnel, volunteers and other personnel to hold specific passes in the city.During the period of home quarantine, except for the purchase of necessary daily necessities and nucleic acid testing, it is not necessary to go out.Choose delivery service when purchasing daily supplies.Places that open doors and operate without authorization in violation of regulations shall be firmly closed, and those who go out without authorization or gather in violation of the regulations on home isolation shall be punished according to relevant regulations.