Extinction 2 official: Fixing co-op and network issues is a top priority

2022-07-08 0 By

Dying Light 2 Stick to Humanity is out now, and is currently receiving mostly positive reviews on Steam.However, a number of players reported that they experienced problems while online, including network disconnection, co-op not being created and not being able to join.Developer Techland responded by saying that fixing the problem is their top priority.Developer Techland thanked players for their feedback and promised to make resolving co-op disconnection issues and redeeming rewards, codes and other in-game content a top priority.We will report the progress of our work in real time.PS4/PS5 Lost the voice and subtitles in Dying Light 2 Stick to Humanity. The publisher apologized and said that the development team has dealt with the problem. Please try to restart the game if you encounter this problem.