Spring Festival big open, as expected it is the highest

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This article for the original, prohibit any form of reprint, reprint please contact the background, but welcome you forward to the circle of friends.This year’s Spring Festival blockbusters have finally opened up, and not to my surprise, sniper is the highest, leading the Spring Festival season directly.And the audience’s comments also reflect the most intuitive “Sniper” is really great!Every audience in the cinema, are constantly wipe tears, why “sniper” so good cry?You can always trust Zhang Yimou As many film reviews have mentioned, you can always trust Zhang Yimou!Of course, this is also the feeling of many people after watching the movie, so it must be Zhang Yimou to shoot the story of Chinese people, and it is interesting that the national master and the resistance to America and aid Korea are the same age, this must be a special fate.In fact, “Sniper” has three first, is the first time zhang Yimou entered the Spring Festival, is the first time he shot the theme of the film against the United States to aid North Korea, is also the first domestic focus on the film against the United States to aid North Korea first entered the Spring Festival.Despite all these “firsts”, Sniper delivers a satisfying response, which is a perfect description of the state of mind after watching the movie.Why so many people will be broken after watching the movie, I think “really”, is the biggest reason.Director to really national teacher is really respect the audience, from the script to the presentation are realistic, especially do not shoot until the snow, do fake snow fake scene, it is better not to shoot.It’s only in the snow, in real locations with minus 35 degrees, that the actor’s reaction is most authentic, and it’s also about awe and respect for the character.This real, the audience is visible, with real defeat grand special effects, just like the volunteer army with flexible combat tactics, with the tenacious spirit of gas steel, to defeat the powerful enemy.As Zhang Yimou’s first Spring Festival film, he has certainly been thinking about it for a long time, but instead of a big scene or a big cast, he pays tribute to those real unsung heroes and tells everyone that there are still people who remember them.At the time of fighting against the United States and helping North Korea, without those grand war scenes, we are weak and strong, we use is not afraid of death fighting spirit, but also with our Chinese wisdom to win, so Zhang Yimou decided to see big, with the story of the sniper to show the wisdom of the volunteers.In order to restore the history, Zhang yimou also learned military knowledge while filming, and gradually became a military expert, so that many of the details in the film can be found.And he directly asked the crew not to embezzle in any way, which is a matter of principle, because the director is honest, the film can be so historical.Actors to the victory of the war is definitely not a person really, so have to shape the Korean real group of young sniper fighters on the battlefield, “sniper” and past completely different theme movie, other movies are all a bunch of big shop sign, and “sniper” besides Zhang Yi, ZhangYu everyone familiar with the rest of the actors I really didn’t know.It’s a bold decision for one of the most important blockbusters of the Chinese New Year, but it feels fresh and in place for these very young newcomers to play Sniper Squad 5 with fresh faces.These new actors, just like a piece of blank paper, follow strict cast and experience for a month and a half closed military training, combined with jilin baishan snow live action, the group of 20 or 30 degrees Celsius below zero in the low temperature of seasoning of newcomer actor, eyes reveal a young and strong, is not the Korean young soldiers on the battlefield?After the preview line, a lot of people are led by Zhang Yi snipers shout out “class five, to!”When filming this part, Zhang yi used his own 10-year veteran experience to lead the young actors to repeatedly figure out the emotion when they shouted “arrive” in unbroken chorus. After numerous practices, this powerful “arrive” finally moved Director Zhang Yimou and many crew members to tears.Zhang yi himself was attracted by the script and was not paid for the ending, which was discussed with director Zhang Yimou for two nights.Not only zhang translated to the real, even the extras also in this atmosphere down really, minus 35 degrees, we strive to be real, not afraid of ice and snow not afraid of cold, we can follow the group of actors back to the past that hard time.The film crew to really “sniper” this film is zhang Yimou and her daughter Zhang At the end of the joint guidance, the father is responsible for our military part, the daughter is responsible for the American part, and the real situation, this film also seems to be playing sniper war, according to the situation and progress of the other side constantly adjust.This operation has a good result, which is also mentioned in the viewer’s review, which is to “treat the audience as normal and the opponent as smart.”We are facing the most powerful army in the world, but in the past, some movies and TV programs always portrayed the opponents as mentally retarded and useless except for their advanced weapons. In fact, this is not only disrespect for history, but also disrespect for ourselves.At the time, it was very hard for us to win. It was not as smooth and smooth as some mindless movies portray. Frankly, it was fooling the audience.But “Sniper” in the PORTRAYAL of the American army but under the effort, we can see the opponent’s strategy and the determination of the opponent, which on the contrary can reflect the bravery and wisdom of our volunteers.In addition, as mentioned earlier, in order to present the most realistic effect, the crew paid a lot. First of all, eight actors were selected from hundreds of people in the nationwide audition. After the selection, what awaited them was the difficult training.This not only exercised their physical strength, let them from the action more like a soldier, but also from the psychological level to let them experience the hardships that a qualified soldier must go through, also can better understand how much the volunteer army paid.In the scene, the crew is absolutely as much as possible to restore, the crew went to the extreme cold for filming, with real snow, so as to be real.So we can see the snow on the actor’s eyebrows, eyelashes and beard, the frozen red face, the nose, the ears and the fingers, which are not floating on the surface of the blusher.The cast invited a lot of military advisers, not only to train the director himself into a military expert, but also do not let go of every small detail in the cast, try to do 100 percent reduction, “Sniper” are used in the war against the United States to aid the Use of real guns, this is really powerful.Some audiences will have doubts after watching, our sniper in the real war is so severe, but they do not know that the prototype of sniper is stronger and more god, so ah, no matter which aspect, the crew is really!”Sniper” as the first domestic focus on the resistance to the United States and Aid the Korean sniper film, such a group of little-known but significant “cold gun cold gun” movement, burning the story of young sniper soldiers, to the extreme about the presentation to more audiences.This film opens up the grand and tragic war from the perspective, which is a rare Chinese-style sniper story. I hope that in the Spring Festival family happiness, every audience can remember this prosperous era is not easy.Do not forget the coldest gun, not the hottest blood, this is Zhang Yimou’s respect.Do profound soul SPA and stylish story!Please share!Mua!!!E-sister gets a new Logo!The soul SPA of urban men and women is viewed with academic rigor in your circle without permission, declined to be reproduced