People’s Talk: “playing” in another identity is also worthy of applause

2022-07-07 0 By

At the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, 176 Chinese athletes will have the chance to show off their talents at home.However, not everyone can get the chance to compete in the Olympic Games. Many “ice and snow people”, participating in the Winter Olympics in another capacity, deserve our applause as well.”It is also an honor to represent our country as a test skater and serve the athletes on the field.”Tulsongjiang Bullik, the official skier of the Beijing Winter Olympics National Cross-country Ski Center, revealed his pride as a skier in an interview.What is not known is that Tuersongjiang was a member of China’s cross-country skiing team and had been training hard for the Winter Olympics during the Beijing Olympic cycle, but failed to make it.Frustrated, Tulsongjiang jumped at boCOG’s invitation to take on a different role as an official skier on the slopes.Before each race, Tuersunjiang would change into full gear and slide around the track, compaction the track, testing the field, feedback problems, and then quickly leave the track just before the race began.”My dream is to stand on the starting platform at the Beijing Olympics.”Zhang jiahao, a former baker, has spent almost all his free time since the age of 17 snowboarding to pursue his dream of snow and ice.In order to qualify for the Beijing Winter Olympics last year despite the epidemic, Zhang took part in 15 events in three countries in 111 days and finally won one gold, one silver and two bronze MEDALS, but still failed to get enough points.Zhang Jiahao, who was absent from the competition and served as a snowboarding promotion ambassador and commentator during the Beijing Winter Olympics, accompanied Su on the top podium with his clear and professional commentary. “Now our country’s ice and snow industry is developing greatly, I feel I must stand out,” he said.”In 2022, she will present a better Wang Bingyu than she did in 2009.”When Wang Bingyu announced her comeback in 2016 after a two-year absence, Tan Weidong, then coach of the Chinese women’s curling team, had high expectations.Unexpectedly, Wang bingyu chose to retire again after the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.After leaving the sport, Wang bingyu chose to become a staff member of the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing committee, serving as curling competition director.During the Winter Olympics, Wang Bingyu stood in the “Ice Cube” with another identity, paying attention to everything in the curling arena, and providing the most meticulous and perfect service for athletes from all countries as a “experienced person”.In the Olympic Games, shining MEDALS are not only, applause does not belong to the podium.It is every athlete’s dream to participate in the Olympic Games, and the athletes who are absent from the winter Olympic Games have realized another form of “playing” in various identities.For their persistence and love of dreams, let them participate in the Winter Olympics, serve the Winter Olympics, promote the Winter Olympics, also worthy of our applause!