Lao tan sauerkraut raw material problem: unified apology, Master Kong emergency off the shelves

2022-07-07 0 By

On the evening of March 15, the CCTV 2022 “March 15” gala was held.On the party, many well-known enterprises processing pickled cabbage package enterprises were exposed, pickled cabbage dirty production environment, excessive preservatives, shocking…Unified apology concurrent statement reports of CCTV “3.15” the party of hunan flag company production of sour pickled cabbage with jin rui company raw material to produce the environment question, unified (China) investment co., LTD., the night issued a statement on the website, responded the company attaches great importance to and has been in changsha city on March 15 day market supervision and administration of the screening,To adopt sauerkraut package materials and keep file records has carried on the thorough inspection united issued a statement, said the hunan flag since December 2012, the company is no longer the company sauerkraut package raw materials suppliers, at the same time, the unified was first interviewed the hunan jin rui, the head of the company of relevant sauerkraut package products are fully sealed,And in the market supervision bureau under the participation of quality testing.In a statement, Uni-President said the incident was a management error by the company, which betrayed the trust of consumers.Uni-united will fully cooperate with the investigation and handling of the government management department, reflect deeply, learn from the warning, strengthen management, and sincerely accept the supervision of the media and all walks of life.Master Kong flagship store removed laotan sauerkraut beef noodles CCTV March 15 party exposed hunan Jiaqi Vegetable Industry Co., LTD., purchased from outside, “tukeng sauerkraut”, and the company did not test health indicators.According to its official website, the company has established strategic cooperative relations with a large number of well-known enterprises such as Master Kong, Uni-President, KFC and McDonald’s in terms of product processing and direct supply of raw materials.Zhongxin Finance noted that the current kang Fu e-commerce flagship store has removed Lao tan sauerkraut beef noodles related products.At the same time, many e-commerce platforms have been removed from the altar of another incident qiao pickled cabbage.Source: Beijing Youth Daily weibo, China News network, CCTV finance