Truly see the world of women, autumn and winter will not wear leggings, see plum know

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Leggings is about autumn winter season’s own most of the women wear a pants, leggings are belong to the stability of the very basic item, but its tight version, is for the legs line is not very good-looking women, not so friendly, and the leggings this item itself is no degree of fashion and novelty.So the collocation of leggings in the autumn and winter season, really has not been ranked among the best pants single product, want to wear their own unique temperament, especially 40+, 50+ women, years of rich experience and temperament, should be in their own image and each single product selection, should pay special attention to its collocation effect.Really see too much the world of women, the pants outfit of qiu dong season almost won’t choose plain leggings is dressed up, but will be more fashionable and priority to match some of got-up figure and sheet is tasted, xu mei in the entertainment circle is a typical representative of every model presented is very charming, tie-in performance don’t lose the leggings.First, truly see the world of women, will choose what clothes?Part one:Trousers select stability of conventional version proposal everybody + 40, 50 + women when choosing a pants, the first point is to jump out “tights” selective, you can try to consider more stable for legs modify force and can achieve an ideal state, is really very important, especially for middle-aged women, stable and elegant as well as the state of the body,Always more important than fashion.◎ Recommended pants Style 1:Smoke pipe smoke pants pants version is very straight and the design of cultivate one’s morality, so it is a year the four seasons is modified in the legs of pants, especially the pants for various styles of adaptation degree is high, based on the color is more suitable for the workplace, the collocation of style jeans are more casual denim material, legs line is not enough good, don’t miss this pants outfit.The wide-leg pants are very popular in Yongmei, because the design of wide-leg pants is very lazy and intellectual, which is easier to match the temperament of middle-aged women.The wide pant leg is the most obvious for the defect and insufficient cover of both legs, so the figure is slightly fat and the leg type is not too smooth to straighten, you can get a few wide leg pants!Have recommended pants type 3: jeans, leisure jeans more when xu mei is in some occasions collocation, leisure private adaptation degree is higher, but jeans version to recommend xu mei often choose, loose but enough to modify the legs slightly, as far as possible to slam the door off loose jeans, or it will easily appear too leisure and sloppy.Part two:Dress for style showing more apparent than trousers collocation, dress will be more able to reflect the female’s exclusive charm, the main highlight the effect of midlife women dress collocation and temperament is mature and elegant, both color and typography design, recommend priority in stability and presentation of the basic, it will be easier to wear out their own simple sense,And a nice, slim figure.1. Avoid broken beautiful too printing element itself is very elegant and fashion of the simple sense of restoring ancient ways, a certain extent for the shape of the line feeling there is a little modification, but recommended in printed on the element of choice must abandon too larger area and gorgeous design, otherwise points minutes highlighted obvious self-conscious and tacky feeling,This is not a good choice for middle-aged women.2. Black and white vertical stripes dress = increased significantly the thin black and white color combination of dress show temperament is very stable and lining, the overall use of vertical stripes element for body stretching effect is very obvious, higher visual effect can be reflected more powerful aura, suggested that the little women may give preference to proceed with this one, to cultivate one’s morality dress with black belt,That’s the perfect ratio of 37.3. Black pencil skirt = show thin, temperament pencil skirt outfit of tie-in is recommended for everybody, straight skirt decoration scoring minutes repairing lining out straight and thin body effect, straight is the feeling of elegance of middle-aged women should have the most effect is present, and use black tie, show thin strength is obvious, in any occasion is very suitable for collocation.4. Black and white accept waist skirt of tall waist black dress actually is very stable in qiu dong season, in which a small part of the white fabric design, weakened the black is depressing, and less also don’t have the black should be show thin effect, skirt bring the waist contraction design at the same time, show fine beautiful moments stand out the waist height.Second, xu mei wear take a style model (1) the workplace style highlights the aura dark khaki color is not only a typical representative of the earth color, dark khaki for shape modification on the contrast is very obvious, the comparison of material also choose the burnish feeling that have a slightly, won’t appear too depressing and drab, and the color is more gentle intellectual temperament, but suits itself to own version there is no lack of again the texture of the aura.(2) The material of elegant high-grade style corduroy is heavy, so the corduroy fabric can easily show a very elegant visual sense, and this material has a high-level luster, brown tonality is very suitable for the skin state is not white women to choose, it is very white for the skin temperament.(3) The gentle and comfortable style of leisure style, the best choice is the atmosphere comfortable and fresh visual sense, the white sweater to wear to cover the meat and easy to all kinds of action, the lower body is light gray pleated skirt, is also a casual versatile single product, the overall presentation of fresh atmosphere.Three, color collocation tips → the same color unified vision with the same color collocation will actually be more stable and comfortable in the vision, the basic color of black and white gray with the same tone collocation simple and atmospheric.The white of whole is tie-in bright eye line gets a person again very contracted and advanced, lining is the short money vest that black and white stripe element, neutralized what white fastens is drab, do not break fashionable feeling again.To changes in temperature in combination with the convex combination of color is tie-in, personality changes in temperature suggest people choose complementary color is warm and cool color, blue, orange and purple and red and green is belong to the combination of the complementary changes in temperature, but should pay attention to choose a dark color as far as possible, or the color changes in temperature of the design of the gray level is very high, advanced character and stability, this color is the visual,Women over 50 have an instant sense of stability.A temperament extraordinary women, whether internal or external collocation are all have their own unique charm, everything that needs its own accumulated rich fashion taste, xu mei is very typical being in the entertainment circle, every time she with collocation are not very bright eye lens and spotlighting the existence, but belong to the see the charming temperament type,This is the kind of elegance and stability that a 50+ woman should display. Well, that’s the end of this episode and I’ll see you next time.