The tiger does not go cattle ditch, the original cow in order to protect cows, two tiger pouting up the sky

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Changbai mountain foothills songhua Lakeside has a ditch called cattle ditch.There is a saying here – “the tiger does not walk in the cattle ditch, afraid of the one-horned ox in the ditch”.It turns out that there was a tiger trying to kill a cow, and it had been gouged by acalus bull for half a day, twice.But people have only heard of unicorns. Who has ever heard of a unicorn?Also is there.There was actually a one-horned ox in the cattle ditch, and the tiger was terrified.In the 1980s, I went to songhua Lake to interview the tiger eating cattle, the old captain said to me, you go to the lakeside cattle ditch, hear the bell will be able to find the herd cowboy.But what they are talking about is taking bull fighting tiger, bull chasing Wolf.It is not natural for a unicorn to run into a tree.Boat came to the cattle ditch, far away to hear the mountain ditch everywhere ringing ringing cattle bell, far and near.Walking along the grassy path a short distance, I found several cowboys lying or sitting together on big rocks in the shade of trees, listening to the tinkling of the cowbells in the forest, their mouths scrambling to tell what they had seen and heard.It was not yet a unicorn, but bull that has two thick horns.During the production teams of the 1980s, each team had dozens of herds and cattle released into the mountains.The herd consists of cows and calves. In order for the herd to move into the mountains and stay in the herd, each herd must raise a king cow, that is, a cow.This cow has to be acalfect.Mang son, is the bull testicles lamented not cut, on which one is the rule of the cattle not get lost, the second is to rely on it for breed cattle breeding task, third, by its war fighting tiger Wolf.A herd of wild cattle.To take a bull, we have to be tall, strong, good looking, strong.That’s the biggest bull ring that we have on our neck, yet it has such a strong, musical sound. It’s the core of the herd, so the cow and calf follow us wherever we go.See yet?That’s what we’re talking about. That’s how alert we are!”The unicorn has become the strongest yet manacalyet, the hottest looking bull that we have yet to have. The bull herd calls it yellow yet.Because of its yellow color, very special.Especially the pair of horns, ribs like a cup mouth thick, two horns to both sides of the cross, corner tip also have egg small head thick, and slightly forward bending, looks mighty and strong.Mighty big bull for couples, “huang Mang son” and several other teams of cows have been respectively duel, eventually defeated the large cattle ditch dozen head of cattle, gained the title of the cow king.That’s a word that only fallow buffaloes take seriously, but that means nothing to bull.What they care about is that the man who beats all the acacia, is the king of all the cows in the mange.In other words, he had the rights to all the cows in his production team, but by dominating the herd, he could have the rights to all the hundreds of cows in the entire herd.All the cows are the king’s concubines!The cow fight, let the bull king two horns into a lone “yellow yet” bull king’s name is hard won.The bulls and young codsmen in the wild grazing said: It must be that in its eleventh duel, Yellow bull had begun to move its head so hard that its right horn didn’t reach its opponent, but it struck the rock with such force that it broke the root, and the blood was red all over the bull’s head.An ox that breaks its horn is like a general that breaks its halberd and knife, it will fall in a heartbeat, but Yellow bull is still fighting harder and harder.The other side to see it that full of blood on the face of the ferocious look, have been scared to defeat.After our eleventh duel, Yellow bull has scared off the bulls with its only remaining horn, “conquering men without fighting.”It became the king of the whole cattle ditch.When Yellow sheep has become the king of oxen, it is black Peony, one of the three groups of female cattle, that it loves best, although there are many beautiful women in the cattle ditch.This black cow has well-proportioned legs, has a gentle temperament, and its coat is as smooth as black satin. When it’s free, it likes to take bull yet, to brush its hair with its long tongue, to tickle it with its horns.We always have acalmanac bull walking around black peony, to prevent another acalmanac bull from trying anything wrong with it.★ The tiger want to establish territory in cattle ditch suddenly one day, a northeast tiger do not know from Zhang Guangcai Ling or from the Wei Tiger Ling walk to cattle ditch.Standing on the top of the hill, the Siberian tiger overlooks the Valley, which is wide, overgrown with weeds and dense shrubs, with dense forests on both sides and songhua Lake at the mouth of the ditch.The smell of the cows in the woods is very strong.It listened attentively to the ditch, cowbell ringing everywhere, very pleasing, the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.The Siberian tiger has walked several times from Wandashan mountain to Changbai Mountain, from Changbai Mountain to Laoye Mountain, to Zhangguangcai Mountain, to Wandashan Mountain and even north to Lesser Khingan Mountain.Due to the lack of ungulate food, it has mauled a dozen cattle from south to north and eaten seven or eight of them.Today, beef has gradually become a staple in The Chinese diet.Therefore, he wanted to establish his own territory in the cattle ditch.Apart from the natural environment there are roe deer, deer and wild boar, even a few hundred cattle, it is enough to become a very rich hunting ground, big restaurant.With a loud roar, the Siberian tiger walked boldly down the hill, inspecting the ridge on the side of the cattle ditch, and then walked to the songhua Lake.It sees that there is a bull leading in every herd.The experience of peaceful grazing cattle coming to China has taught this manchu tiger that bull is an enemy it cannot defeat.We have had several encounters so that it has become clear to him that the strategy is to run away if bull is still available, we should never fight it head on.Because bull has better physical strength, endurance, weight and height than that of a tiger.Moreover, bull has bull spirit, bold spirit, strong horns, stronger than a tiger’s sharp teeth and claws.Although the tiger is the king of beasts, but it is a wise man, cautious life, never play uncertain battle, like to put down the body to do lurk, lurk well after the target — of course, is specially picked soft persimmon knead.This Siberian tiger is here to kill a cow to intimidate the herd and establish authority!It watched for a long time and finally chose black Peony, a cow like black satin.The cow is not too small.If you choose a big bull, it’s hard to fight, and you can’t make the cattle laugh at you for a while.If choose small, kill easy, but will fall in the herd “will pick soft persimmon pinch”.Here comes the Siberian tiger.In addition, the cattle are not tender, to the mouth of the delicate fragrance.Another reason why it chose black peony is because its protector is a bull that has only one unicorn!The tiger misjudged the one-horned ox Siberian tiger staring at the black peony more happy, more see more greedy.Then it began to look at the unicorn.He watched for a long time: the cow was strong and strong, but its face was ugly because its horns had become one.The root of the broken corner just gave birth to a bamboo shoot like a short horn, one long and one short, extremely ugly.Siberian tiger judge: unicorn with what ugly?It’s because a corner is broken.Why did you break a corner?If it is not enough to fight another bull, we are being beaten by another bull.The shame of a broken corner!Poor, pathetic, shameful.What is intolerable?But his forbearing showed that he had no power over the tiger’s cautious nature, and although he had strategically defied the unicorn, he still attached tactical importance to preventing the unicorn from attacking the black cow.★ The tiger deceives it as a horn, but when Homer nods.The Manchurian tiger thinks not to be too cautious and delay fighter, hence roar 1, as clear day hit a thunderbolt, jump in the ground more than two meters high, accurately toward the black peony lunge.He wanted a quick fight, a quick one — he took down the black cow, gnawed her throat, and fought the unicorn.Yet it has made a fundamental error of understanding.When it toward the black peony lunge, did not expect a single horn ox unexpectedly like rhinoceros as brave to rush over, a shoulder hit the black peony, four legs apart, a crooked head, the root of the thick and long long horns toward the tiger force to poke.The tiger was so startled that he had no place to hold his body in midair and had to shrink his PAWS to grasp the unicorn’s neck precisely.In spite of this hasty change of tactics, if we get that grip, the ten long, curved nails will go firmly into the bull’s neck, tear it to the ground, and maybe even create a new manacture-chain-killing bull!Tigers eat cows.This image is copyrighted by the Internet but the idea is beautiful, the reality is sad.The bull leaps away from the paw, throws its head, poof, its long horn touches the left shoulder, the head bends, and with a thud it pucks up for a long time.But before the tiger could get up, with a splash, the unicorn was already rolling over like a tank, staring at it, bloating its nose. With a toss of its head, the bull’s horn reached the tiger’s chest again, and with a hoot, it lifted it up into the air again.★ The tiger does not go cattle ditch tiger was picked up by the unicorn twice!This fierce fight between cattle and tigers was seen clearly by several cowherds from different angles.This is bad for the tiger.Two injuries left him in great pain.Since its birth, it has crossed China and Russia, wandering thousands of kilometers, never met a rival, today is defeated by a one-horned ox.If this gets out, there’s no tiger power!The tiger ran away.Burst!After the second landing, the tiger, regardless of the pain, jumped up as hard as he could and ran into the forest.He knew that if he didn’t run, the third horn would be too much for him!This healing wound, not a month is afraid to be difficult to recover.As for this beautiful cattle ditch, that’s all.I dare not come again.But the cow keepers are looking forward to seeing if the tiger has yet another chance to take, to have another fight with yet another bull, because we have yet to have enough bull yet, so it’s hard for a tiger to win.Besides, it is normal for a tiger to eat a cow or two in the mountains.And see a bull tiger fight, difficult!But the tiger never dared to come again.For several years in a row, there was no sign of tigers in The valley.So the cowherds created a allegory: the tiger does not walk in the ditch — afraid of the one-horned ox in the ditch!Yellow bull