The first general meeting and the first council of Xingyi Marathon Association was successfully held

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On February 12, 2022, the first general meeting of Xingyi Marathon Association was held in Xingyi, attended by more than 50 members and representatives of running groups.The meeting was chaired by Liu Yongkun, secretary general of Qianxinan Marathon Association, and reporters from Xingyi Rong Media Center were present to shoot and report.The articles of Association of Xingyi City Marathon Association, Working System of The Association and Election Method of The General Meeting of Xingyi City Marathon Association (draft) were adopted at the meeting, and members of the association council and institutions were elected, which will be reported to Xingyi Civil Affairs Bureau for registration.At 8:00 a.m. on the same day, more than 50 members of the Xingyi Marathon Association gathered to run 10 kilometers at the Xingyi Culture and Art Center around the lake track. After that, they took photos and displayed the flags of each running group and the association, which kicked off the event.At 3:00 PM, the first general meeting and the first council meeting of Xingyi Marathon Association were held in the conference room on the second floor of Guizhou Sunshine Sports Health Management Co., LTD in Xingyi Sports Center.According to xingyi style tourism administration of radio, film and television “the reply about agreed to establish xingyi marathon association”, the guizhou wan also run the group and guizhou xingyi run by association of xingyi marathon organizing by reporting to the civil affairs bureau of xingyi, according to the “social organization registers management regulations and xingyi civil affairs bureau of civil society organizations registration regulations,Decided to convene this general meeting.In addition to members of the association, leaders of Guizhou Sunshine Health Sports Management Co., LTD., Guizhou Zhongjian Technology Co., LTD., Qianxinan Marathon Association and Xingren Marathon Association and representatives of various running groups were also invited to participate.At the meeting, tian Luliang, the initiator of the association, made a report on the preparatory work on behalf of the preparatory group to the conference;The general Assembly voted to pass the General Assembly election method and the vote counting and voting supervisor, voted to pass the Constitution of Xingyi Marathon Association (draft), voted to pass the membership fee payment standard;Members of the council were elected by secret ballot.The first meeting of the first council of Xingyi Marathon Association was held, and the president, executive vice president, vice president and secretary general were elected.The meeting also examined and approved the work system and work plan of the association.The first general meeting of the association elected 14 directors, the first meeting of the association elected Tian Luliang as the president of the first council, elected Cen Na as executive vice president, elected Xiao Lang, Xiong Shigui as vice president of the association, elected Hu Mingfei as secretary general.Liu Yongsong and Li Xuedong were appointed as the consultants of the association;Tian Lupin was appointed as honorary President, Liu Shihong as honorary Vice President, li Wanlin as honorary Consultant;Xin Ye and Zhang Lanqiong were appointed deputy secretary-general of the association.Meeting, guizhou Kang Ye sunshine sports health management co., LTD., vice general manager of xue-zhi Yang read a “congratulations”, guizhou the building technology co., LTD., general manager of Tian Lupin, guizhou Kang Ye sunshine sports health management co., LTD., vice general manager Zhu Hongxiang, Yin Li, qianxinan marathon association consultant xue-dong li, Liu Yongsong speeches,Congratulations on the successful convening of the first general meeting of Xingyi Marathon Association and put forward planning prospects.Tian Luliang, the elected president, thanked the members for their support and trust, and said that in the future, he would work together with the directors and all members to do a good job of the association and drive more people to participate in the national fitness movement.First, strengthen solidarity, mutual support and coordination;Second, strengthen system construction;Third, carry forward the spirit of great love and dedication;Fourth, actively cooperate with government departments to promote marathon. Relying on the local walking circle APP big data platform, actively undertake events, organize regular running activities to run to villages and towns, and help rural revitalization work!Fifth, actively carry out all kinds of public welfare activities to contribute to social progress;Organize members to participate in various marathon events, and do our best to provide good service for participating runners.Tian Lupin, General manager of Guizhou Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd. made a speech and was honored to be elected as the honorary president of the association.It is promised that jianbuquan APP big data platform will be based on local Xingyi city and integrate xingyi sports health market with digital services, communication, publicity.In combination with the theme of The Times, such as national rural revitalization, we worked closely with the Association to prepare and release online and offline events on the platform and jointly develop the city-wide marathon.We hope that we can work together to promote the APP to the whole province, the whole country and the whole world.Li Xuedong, founder of Qianxinan Marathon Association (consultant), executive deputy head of Guizhou Wanfeng Forest Running Group, consultant of Xingyi Marathon Association, made a speech.It is pointed out that the establishment of the association will have a milestone significance in promoting the in-depth development of mass sports and marathon in Xingyi City, and play an important platform to promote national fitness, promote sports culture and build a healthy China.Through the efforts of the state Marathon Association in the past year, the development direction of the state marathon has been gradually clarified and good results have been achieved.It laid a solid foundation for the establishment of Xingyi Marathon Association and guided its development direction.Consultant Li Xuedong congratulated the newly elected members of the association and put forward three requirements: first, “dare”.With the strong support of the city’s people and the government, we should put down our burdens and act boldly.Second, the word “dry”.To have a way of doing things, not only to have a long-term plan, but also to have specific short-term goals and implementation plans, down-to-earth to do things.The third is “constant”.Marathon requires perseverance and willpower. Only by training for years can you improve yourself.As a public welfare organization, associations need stronger willpower and perseverance to do things, and they need to pay without any expectation of return.Adhere to the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly things, drive all members and the people of the city to participate in this sport, constantly develop and expand the members, strive to unite the leading team members, and promote the development of marathon.Finally, Liu Yongsong, chief planner (consultant) of Qianxinan Marathon Association, general head of Guizhou Wanfeng Forest Running Group and consultant of Xingyi Marathon Association made a speech.Victory over xingyi marathon association for the first time the general assembly held and congratulations on the successful completion of each agenda, to thank all the xingyi marathon sports career development social people from all walks of life and group, at the same time to the next step work association for planning: one is the city marathon in association with hand in hand, promote healthy development of the state of marathon.Make full use of the existing resources, cooperate with the relevant departments of the state and municipal government, the walking circle sports APP and Guizhou Sunshine Health Sports Management Co., Ltd. to carry out various online and offline events closely;The second is to strengthen the association member management, full service members.Will further strengthen the management of association members, actively provide service for members, the marathon association member, regiment, walked briskly laps movement, users will have different degree level preferential benefits, such as group members can take part in the national competition for a fee, attend events of different benefits, such as signing up for members to benefit, let the elite members get promoted.Third, strengthen the training of running, improve the level of long-distance running.Every Wednesday, weekend routine running activities to persevere, the organizers should strictly implement in accordance with the schedule.By carrying out regular running activities, we can cultivate healthy and correct running habits and knowledge, effectively avoid sports injuries, healthy running and healthy life.Fourth, strengthen professional training and train long-distance running coaches.It will cooperate with Jianbuquan APP and Guizhou Sunshine Sports And Health Management Co., Ltd. to hold training, certification and certification for coaches, serving for members and school PE teachers in the whole prefecture.Fifth, promote public welfare undertakings and establish the image of the association.We will continue to organize and carry out public welfare activities such as blood donation, hematopoietic stem cell donation, fire fighting, anti-drug publicity, attention to left-behind children, leukemia patients, attention to the disabled, participation in the establishment of civilized and healthy cities, marathon health campaign knowledge lectures to campuses, villages, government offices and units.Sixth, give full play to the role of committee members to promote health undertakings.In the ninth Session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Xingyi City, several members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference jointly wrote the proposal “Suggestions on Strengthening physical Fitness, keeping away from sub-health and devoting full energy to work under normal epidemic prevention and control”, which has been accepted by the Xingyi City CPPCC.Next, marathon Association will do a lot of work, together with the walking circle, actively promote the national fitness campaign in Xingyi City, and promote the cause of Marathon to a new level!(Li Wanlin)