The bus was 50 minutes late, the passengers said they did not receive notice, filed a claim

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N HaiDouQuan media trainee journalist Liu wenhui/figure on February 4, fuzhou citizen Lin by reflecting said, “wisdom is sea” APP 4 in the morning, at 9 a.m. in fuzhou automobile north station he bought ticket from fuzhou to putian (highway), as the left and right sides, Lin someplace for check-in, found the ticket information has been deleted electronic screen,He asked the station staff what the situation was and was told that the bus would be 50 minutes late, which Mr Lin could not accept.Mr. Lin from the waiting hall of Fuzhou North Bus Station said that he was so surprised that he didn’t inform passengers in advance of the 50-minute delay that he immediately called 12345 to complain and went to the passenger service center to ask.Mr Lin told reporters: “the staff said that the 9:00 bus temporarily out of order, need to adjust the number of buses, you can take the 9:55 bus, otherwise for refund procedures.I asked them how this could have happened and if there was any compensation, but the service put the blame on the owner of the bus and told passengers to call the customer service number 96306 to complain.”On the same day, reporters came to fuzhou North Bus station passenger service center, staff Ms. Zheng said, there is no advance to inform passengers of the situation.According to her, she received a notice from the business department at 7:26 am that there would be nine passengers on the 9:55 train, and she immediately passed on the information to the staff at the ticket barrier.Fuzhou Bus North station information office between departments to convey clear, the delay of the news to inform passengers?Ms. Zheng said the station’s broadcast room had been canceled for several years, and the only way to communicate the delay was through LED screens at the ticket barrier.However, the LED display at the gate is synchronized with the computer network, so even if the information is already available, it can only be released 20 minutes in advance.In addition, the screen is rolling, and when time passes, it will switch to other train information, so passengers should pay close attention to the screen information.In addition to the LED display, is it possible to call or text passengers to tell them the bus is delayed?Ms. Zheng said the station will send text messages when buses are out of service all day.After learning the situation at that time, the station had quickly arranged other vehicles to pick up, but the time was delayed by 50 minutes, so no text message was sent.Moreover, Mr. Lin bought his ticket on a self-service machine without a reserved mobile phone number and could not be informed by text message.”In this case, if a passenger asks for a refund, we can refund the full amount of the ticket without any handling charge. We hope passengers can understand this,” Zheng said.Edit: In vain