Jeong Hye-ja has been dreaming of becoming an actress for seven years

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For Zheng He Huizi, wan He Tian Yi is both the place where dreams begin and the place where dreams are imprisoned.Wanhe Tianyi initially gave Zheng Enough appearance time, so that she smoothly in front of the audience mixed face.But when she needed a wider world, Wanhetianyi became her prison.Who also did not think of, become 10 thousand match day appropriate silence old, after each take charge of actor each seek outlet, in those days “small steamed stuffed bun” Zheng match huizi became mix that actor with best.Whether it’s the number of fans on weibo, the resources for performing arts, or the acting skills, Jeong Hee-Keiko is ahead of her peers.Zheng Hehuizi was born in 1994 in Fuzhou, Fujian Province.Zheng Hehuizi’s family background is unknown, but from her junior high school in Fuzhou Yan ‘an Middle School, the family condition is at least above average.A lot of people who don’t know her will mistake her for Japanese.But Zheng He Huizi is Chinese, and this name is not a stage name, but her real name.As for why a four-character name?The reason is that Zheng Hehui’s father is Zheng and her mother is He. Her grandfather hopes that her granddaughter will be virtuous in the future, so the family plans to name her Zheng Hehui.But later felt that the name is very difficult to say, plus at that time more popular four-character name, so grandpa added a “son” after her name, like she can grow up as strong as boys.This is the origin of the name “Zheng He Huizi”.In 2015, Zheng Hehuizi, still a sophomore, signed a contract with WanheTianyi. Actually, her major is not acting department, but broadcasting and hosting department of Film and Television Drama School. Acting is just a hobby.Although Zheng he Huizi is young, the professional is not acting department, but ten thousand days appropriate is not a serious film and television company, which actors are mostly from the wild road.Compared with other salesman-turned-actor, special-effects designer turned actor, screenwriter turned actor, and former host, Jeong Hye-keiko is more professional.Join the company then in those days Zheng huizi obtained pretty good resource, be in 10 thousand match day appropriate new play “name detective Di Renjie” in personate the bai Jie one horn of ancient clever and strange, entered showbiz formally.With the accumulation of such dramas as “Never expected” and “Report the Boss”, WanheTianyi became the peak team of domestic network dramas at that time.Therefore, detective Dee continued the miracle of its predecessor, with more than 300 million views on both Youku and Tudou, leading the online drama industry in the first half of 2015.Among them, jeong He-keiko, who is almost a woman, greatly missed a face and became the “god of children with white eyes” in the eyes of countless audiences.With a starring role in an online drama that has been viewed more than 300 million times, Zheng’s starting point is better than 99 percent of the actors.In the same year, he successively acted in comedies such as “The Great Warrior Wong Fei Hung”, “Never thought of the third season”, “Love College” and “Never thought of: Journey to the West”.Within a year, while still at school, She had become the most popular actress in Manhetianyi with a bright future ahead of her.Cheng also xiao what defeat also xiao he, the plight of Wan Hetian Yi Wan Hetian appropriate zheng Hehui zi held up to a familiar point, but only that.Because 2015 is the last peak of Wanhetianyi, from this year, not to mention the celebrity actors, even its own survival has become a problem.In 2015, the direction of content production on the Internet changed rapidly, and countless comedy teams began to seek a new outlet, and film became the best choice.Dong Chengpeng, famous for “Diaos Man” and “The Noise of Dapeng”, took the lead in directing and acting the film “Jianbing Man”. Although it was ridiculed by the audience as a bad film, it still raked in 1.16 billion yuan at the box office, which was a commercial success.Mahua Funage team also took the opportunity to bring their favorite work goodbye Mr. Loser to the big screen, which ushered in a double harvest at the box office and word-of-mouth.The film earned 1.44 billion yuan at the box office and was hailed as the best comedy film in China in recent years.In December 2015, Manhetianyi released a film version of “Never Expected”.But The online drama of the same name, starring Yang Zishan, Bai Ke, Chen Bolin and Ma Tianyu, suffered a theatrical flop, earning only 322 million yuan at the box office and a 5.6 rating on Douban.”Embarrassing”, “horrible” and “Youth is over” flooded the comments section of the film.Since then, Wanhe Tianyi began a period of silence as long as 6 years.After the B-round financing of Rock Capital and Wintrust Capital in 2015, Wanhe Tianyi has not received any new financing.In this flow era, without the support of capital, ten thousand days appropriate has become an insignificant small transparent.This has also made it difficult for the actress Jeong Ha Keiko to emerge for many years.You know, Zheng He Keiko actually has a very good chance to become famous in 2016.At that time, she was in the “Summer Solstice” in the limelight directly eclipsed the female number one Zheng Shuang, which also led to her fans of Zheng Shuang angry hammer she secretly to their own drama.In fact, this kind of wring is good for zheng He Huizi at that time, if the brokerage company to some force, behind some water army Shouting, so visibility can go up soon.But unfortunately, at that time, Wanhetianyi itself is difficult to protect, zheng Hehuizi without background can only keep silent, but also make her reputation plummeted.With the “summer solstice” after a small fire zheng He Huizi soon fell into a predicament, ten thousand days appropriate energy is too small, the company can not help Huizi strike while the iron is hot propaganda, also can not guarantee the heat of Huizi.So after a very long time, Zheng He Huizi or nothing idle at home, waste heat.Or can only take part in his own company’s small production, but not the capital support of the day is hampered everywhere, small production in the network can not stir up little water.Therefore, at the most youthful age of an actress, Jeong Hye-ja had to audition for all her plays by herself, as if she had no agency.The good resources were taken by the actresses of the big companies, and she was left with scraps of food.Do not know at this time recall, Zheng He Huizi will regret joining the team.With their own efforts to play a piece of heaven but fortunately Zheng He Keiko is really acting, you see her these years played so many roles, there is no sign of a little overlap.Whether it’s Basil, Su Yi, Yan Mo, Amy, Su Su, Gao Ting.These characters have their own characteristics, little expressions and little gestures that are different for each character, and that’s something that’s been worked on.Just like the villain “measure Sweet” played by Jeong He Keiko in the current hit drama “Our Marriage”.She is not a sister next door as Jeong Hye-ja played before, but a character with a double personality, which can be said to be both dark and cunning.For example, she deceives the whale that her mother is seriously ill and needs a million dollars in medical expenses, which makes the audience gnash their teeth in anger.Recall zheng He Huizi has been sweet and lovely, silly white sweet image, this sense of contrast also let many people call straight love, love!Different from the actresses who generally want to maintain their sweet personality, Jeong Hekeiko has played too many positive roles in the past, which makes her always want to challenge the villain she Tian, who has a big contrast with her appearance.When asked if the role would ruin fans’ impression of her, Jeong said, “I don’t worry about making a bad impression by playing a villain. I hope audiences can remember me and like my acting style through different roles.”Zheng Hehui zi, 27 years old, has long regarded “popularity” very lightly. Her efforts now have nothing to do with whether she is red or not, whether the drama is broadcast or not, and whether it is good or not.She had to do what she thought was right.For example, as soon as Zheng He Huizi got the script of Our Marriage, she was immediately attracted by The freedom-loving but selfish gambler she was.The process of acting is like trying another life, which is very attractive to actors.It is probably so pure that Zheng He Huizi has become the best developing one in Wanhe Tianyi.Twenty-seven may be old, but Jeong Is already on the right track.