Epidemic prevention and control | “Alley Premier” Lin Dan: Highlighting community “temperature” in epidemic prevention and control

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In ordinary days, she is the “prime minister of the alley” who feels the public’s warmth.Under the epidemic, she is to unite the residents to fight the epidemic spearhead.From sunrise to sunset, from dusk to night, for days, the 74 – year – old gulou the gate community party secretary Lin tung street, has been in a state of non-stop to resistance to disease in the community on the line, to lead the community workers, grid member, party member volunteers to carry out data MoPai, nucleic acid detection, prevention and control publicity and create “clean village” and so on the work,Writing out the original aspiration and mission on the front line.”As a Communist Party member and community secretary, it is my bounden responsibility to stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control. For the lives and health of residents, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it!”Guide the order, remind scan code, answer questions…Secretary Lin Dan, wearing a red vest and a party emblem on her chest, stood at nucleic acid sampling sites in the community for hours at a time without drinking water. Having undergone two vocal cord operations, she ran in the queue in a hoarse voice holding a trumpet.She has been walking around asking questions, actively and patiently helping residents with problems.”You don’t worry, you can go to the side to ask your family members your ID number…”She patiently soothed and guided the elderly who forgot to wear their ID cards.”Old man, it’s inconvenient to queue for old age, please follow me through the green channel…”For senior citizens over 80 years old, she opened a green channel for them, carefully arranged seats for them to wait, and warmed the hearts of the people with true feelings, showing the “temperature” of the community in the epidemic prevention and control.In the face of the severe epidemic situation, Secretary Lin Dan never slackened his efforts and became the backbone of epidemic prevention and control in the community.Have difficulty to find Lin Dan, this is the consensus of the masses of residents in the community.”Secretary Lin Dan, I am a resident of Junmen community. My wife and I are both prison guards. Currently, the unit is implementing closed-loop management and we cannot go home.A phone call, Lindan secretary has always been concerned about the heart.She came to xiao Chen home to understand the actual situation in detail, asked life needs, and left his mobile phone number.In recent days, Secretary Lin Dan took the initiative to knock on Chen’s door with fresh vegetables purchased personally, and sent her supplies to provide life security.The next day, under the leadership of Secretary Lin Dan, Xiao Chen successfully completed the nucleic acid test.At the time of parting, Lin Dan secretary also did not forget to kindly told Chen any needs at any time to inform, she will do her best to solve the problems for the Chen family.In the face of the epidemic, Lin Dan spread sunshine with a piece of true feelings, so that residents feel the warmth of the community;In the face of the epidemic, she demonstrated the responsibility and responsibility of a Communist party member with her practical actions.”Secretary Lin Dan, you have been busy in and out of the community for several days, you should also pay attention to rest ah!”Many residents are concerned to persuade.In the face of heart-warming care, Secretary Lin Dan strengthened his determination to fight against the epidemic, tamped down the solid fortress of epidemic prevention and control with caring, careful and warm heart, and stood firm at the door of life and health for the residents.