Car street Xiangyang used car auction service center grand opening

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On March 30, 2022, the territory of automobile Street was expanded again, and this station came to the national historical and cultural city – Xiangyang.Car street Xiangyang second-hand car auction service center in Xiangyang Diamond Avenue state home world DMV building officially held a grand opening celebration!This opening has attracted the attention of all walks of life, the celebration scene can be described as lively, leaders from all walks of life and multimedia as well as the majority of car dealer friends gathered together, car street Xiangyang Second-hand car auction service Center in the scene of people’s expectations and dynamic melody unveiled the mysterious veil and then magnificent debut!The opening ceremony was held at 3:00 PM on time. Under the lively atmosphere, Nie Wei, general manager of the Southern theater of Automobile Street Group, came on stage to deliver an opening speech and congratulated the opening of xiangyang Second-hand Car Auction Service Center of Automobile Street.Leaders gathered on the stage to launch the opening ceremony of the new studio and took a group photo. Fireworks splashed everywhere on the stage, presenting a magnificent visual feast for everyone.Xiangyang Second-hand Car Auction Service Center of Automobile Street uniformly inspects all second-hand vehicles for auction and centrally preshows vehicles to provide high-quality services for car dealers and entrusting parties, so as to ensure honest transactions and real car prices. It can not only improve the delivery efficiency of car dealers and close to the living radius of car dealers, so that car dealers can auction good cars in their spare time.The new auction site integrates display, auction, logistics service and after-sales service, and has a professional second-hand car auction team. We strive to give full play to our advantages in the second-hand car auction market, learn from each other’s strengths, provide all-round high-quality services for car dealers, and establish a perfect internal business process and quality control system.The new shooting field is decorated in accordance with the unified style of auto Street Group. Although it is the same style, it has a unique design with some small ideas, so that every car dealer who comes to the new shooting field has a sense of home, providing better service experience and easier environment for car dealers.The center has received support and help from all walks of life from preparation to opening, and will continue to strengthen its professionalism to give back to society in the future.Live auction host a heartache that day shopping preferential policies are introduced, in addition to all the people who came to tenants can be set to receive a more compete numerous surprises, such as the lucky draw in the opening and huge preferential, lit the present dealer friends look forward to working with enthusiasm, the scene of the dealer have strong interest, and clap enthusiastically, actively participate in the bid,The price on the screen kept rolling, soaring, after several rounds of bidding, many car dealers were satisfied with their favorite vehicles, the scene of applause, laughter, guests are smiling, harvest quite a lot!The grand opening of xiangyang Second-hand Car Auction Service Center of Automobile Street opens a new chapter of second-hand car auction market of Automobile Street Group in Xiangyang area. In the future, automobile Street will cooperate with Xiangyang Second-hand car auction Service Center for win-win and seek common future.In addition, xiangyang second handcar auction service Center provides high-quality logistics services, truly one-stop participation in the auction, no worries, for the second-hand car economic construction in Xiangyang area to make positive efforts and due contributions.The new auction site will provide more merchants with high-quality professional second-hand car auction experience with high-quality second-hand car sources, efficient and professional auction interactive scenes, and convenient online and offline bidding.Used-car market demand, the positive policy, large second-hand car trading data showed that more and more areas beyond the new car sales, car market mature countries, second-hand car trading tend to be 2 ~ 3 times the size of new car sales, as the domestic car market heating up, used cars more get the attention of the public, as the concentration used car business value increases trading service platform,Auto Street will actively respond to the call of the policy, take promoting the high-quality development of the second-hand car industry as its own responsibility, help improve the second-hand car circulation system, and continue to expand the scale of second-hand car consumption.In March, xiangyang Second-hand Car Auction Service Center will seize the opportunity and build on the momentum to make breakthroughs and live up to everyone’s expectations, create a better second-hand car consumption environment and become a new benchmark in the local second-hand car market.