When the beauty of China and the beauty of the five rings embrace

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Hand handed down the five-star red flag, crystal clear ice and snow rings, the world’s youth walking side by side, smiling ice and snow athletes……China, brought the world an unforgettable winter Olympics opening ceremony.In the summer of 2008, China gave the world an “incomparable” Olympics.Today, when the Olympic flame once again lit the Bird’s Nest, when the Olympic movement issued the call of “more unity”, China, with a winter Olympics opening as scheduled, to the world to show “promise, action” responsibility.The “Chinese Gate” that welcomes friends from all over the world and looks at the five rings of ice and snow, the “Chinese window” that showcases the beauty of China with a wide range of mountains and rivers, the “Chinese knot” that wishes good luck and conveys friendship and peace…When the beauty of China and the beauty of the five rings embraced each other, the world saw a creative and beautiful opening ceremony, and also saw a vibrant, confident and calm China.Spring, the year of the Tiger.From cheerful square dancing to happy New Year wishes, the warmth and friendship That China sends to the world is embodied in every detail.The “tiger head hat” worn by each guide has different patterns.Children who sang the opening ceremony’s theme song, snowflake, wore traditional paper-cut costumes with the words “Peace” and “happiness” written on them;The masks worn by the volunteers welcoming the delegations are printed with the word “welcome” in Both Chinese and English…This scene at the opening ceremony is particularly touching — from the “50” to the “00” generation, when seven torchbearers of different ages appeared in the venue, one torch relay after another, as if to condense the struggle of China’s ice and snow sports.At the beginning of 1980, China’s ice and snow athletes were still measuring the gap between them and the world’s first-class level when they entered the Lake Placid Winter Olympic Games.With open arms, we welcome the world’s ice and snow athletes to Beijing and launch a new Chinese practice of the Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, Stronger — More United”.From the beginning of the dream to the “Double Olympic City”, from looking at the world with wide eyes to meet “together for the future”, from the glorious moment of the Winter Olympics to the vast scene of “bringing 300 million people to participate in ice sports”, China has walked with the Olympics all the way, sowing the seeds of hope and struggle.As Ioc President Thomas Bach said in his opening ceremony speech, “China’s extraordinary achievements in winter sports have ushered in a new era of global winter sports.From here, new hopes are rising.Source: People’s Daily