Us media sighed: “big move” to show China’s great strength

2022-07-05 0 By

When it comes to doing big things, China has thousands of years of history, which has cemented its place in the world and its political clout.Beijing became the first city to host both the Winter and Summer Olympics.For the world’s most populous country, it fits a tradition of doing big things.A penchant for showmanship is nothing new.It dates back to the dynasties that ruled China for thousands of years — one of which built an army of terracotta warriors and buried them with the emperor.China’s “greatness” begins with its 1.4 billion people and extends to public buildings everywhere.Pedestrians are dwarfed by towering apartment buildings, streets with many lanes and pavements as wide as highways.Shopping malls and commercial venues also continue this style.In addition, the roughly 91,000 seat “Bird’s Nest” stadium, built for the 2008 Olympics and the venue for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, has been built.The New Century Global Center in chengdu, in western China, claims to be the largest single building in the world.The main media center for the Games has seven floors, not far from another large building that served as the media center for the 2008 Games.This is in addition to more than 40,000 km of high-speed rail lines and the Belt and Road Initiative, often called the “New Silk Road”.The initiative, seen by many as the largest construction project in history, stretches from East Asia to Europe, including railways, ports, highways and other infrastructure aimed at expanding China’s trade and influence.China’s fight against COVID-19 has also been spectacular.During the pandemic, China built hospitals with thousands of beds in just 10 days.Maria Lepnikova, a China expert at Georgia State University, calls China’s policy of doing big things “grand politics.””The first thing you see [in China] is the scale, whether it’s government buildings, other venues or Olympic venues,” Repnikova said in an interview.That’s the first thing that catches the eye, and then people wonder: How did they do it?”What does big really mean?It’s impressive, and it can really change the face of a country.But the thinking behind going big also makes huge sense.According to Sheena Greitens, a China expert at the University of Texas at Austin, China will use the Olympics to show audiences at home and abroad the stories of ordinary Chinese people with a human touch, while also ensuring that audiences witness an amazing display of power by the party and state.