To celebrate the Chinese New Year with rich and rich “cultural food”

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Today, the happy Year of the Tiger Spring Festival holiday begins.For green city to create a rich flavor of the New Year, Zhengzhou library, art museum, museum and other units have prepared a sumptuous holiday culture feast for the public.Recently, Zhengzhou Library launched the “Meet the Winter Olympics” series of activities by combining online and offline methods. Through themed exhibitions, online contests and other reading and promotion activities, it drew pictures of ice and snow culture to complement the Grand event of the Winter Olympics.The winter Olympics Knowledge theme exhibition focuses on the winter Olympics theme-related resources and contents, and shows the charm of the Winter Olympics in the form of pictures and pictures.The public can visit the exhibition free of charge and follow related activities online.On January 28, the Spring Festival couplets exhibition of famous calligraphers in Zhengzhou was held in Ruida Hall of Zhengzhou Art Museum.The calligraphy of the exhibition involves regular script, cursive script, seal script, official script, or old and dignified, or elegant and meaningful.At present, the museum can only be accessed by online reservation.During the Spring Festival holiday, the new museum of Zhengzhou Art Museum was open to the public, and the 7th National Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition was exhibited in the museum.”The Yellow River Cultural Aesthetics research theme exhibition of river Image of the second season” series exhibition in Zhengzhou Art Museum Ruida Hall exhibition.January 29, sponsored by the municipal Bureau of Cultural Heritage, erqi Memorial Hall and Nanyang Tang Palace Museum co-organized the “Tiger Jump Dragon Xiang” Chinese tiger culture hundred museum joint exhibition in the erqi memorial hall underground exhibition hall.This exhibition through the selection of historical materials and folk customs as well as cultural relics excavation materials, from the kinds of tiger derivatives, primitive worship, to the tiger image in folk life in a variety of town evil Eliminations auspicious good meaning;From sculpture, painting, novels, operas, folk customs, to more extensive folk stories, myths and legends, children’s songs, ballads and other traditional cultural fields, the ubiquitous Jihu images vividly display traditional Chinese culture.The exhibition, which runs until March 1, is free to the public.In addition, from the first day to the 15th day of the first month, Baidu Encyclopedia Museum and the provincial bureau of cultural heritage will jointly launch the “Tiger Wind, cultural relics New Year” museum map to find the tiger record activity.Curators of 15 museums, including Henan Museum, Zhengzhou Museum, Kaifeng Museum and Luoyang Museum, will release videos and interact with the audience in the form of “guessing puzzles and revealing secrets”. Exquisite Souvenirs will also be presented at the time.(reporter Pan Yan Cheng Yan) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: