The rain revives everything today

2022-07-05 0 By

Today at 0:43, we ushered in the second solar term in the 24 solar terms rain, east wind thaw, all things revive snow and ice scattered into water, into rain in the spring rain moisten the earth began to show a thriving scene:As an ancient saying goes, there are three pentages for rain, one pentage for otter, two pentages for fish, three pentages for swan goose, and vegetation stirring. The river trickles down and the otter begins to fish. Wild geese feel the warmth of spring and flock back to the north.The soft spring rain is tender between the sky and the earth the spring rain is fresh and soft; the wind is continuously falling the land which moistens the silence of the winter the grass leaves the seedlings are greedily sucking the dew The little green spots which seem to be absent are incubating infinite vitalityThou farmland of fujian tourism spring in shed your silver agriculture, the people are busy doing in the field of management, DaChun were all all work on the agenda after the rain, is still a chill of early spring, still need appropriate “spring cover” in the place where the sunlight, the air is fresh comfortable living comfortable living bones and muscles, actively spirit that your body is full of vigour graph:Zhong Wencai hazy balminess of spring rain dyed red cherry, painted green seedling beds also moistens my heart you let us with infinite longing and hope to embrace a vibrant spring: People’s Daily integrated editor: text brigade longyan to push a low-key one thousand ancient city, have not low-key past and background (big V recommended) wow!Zhang Ping Yongfu Cherry Blossom Tea Garden on CCTV CCTV4 Liancheng Sibao Block printing Technique: A living fossil in the history of printing and publishing The Lantern Festival, do you know what folk activities longyan has?· Welcome to contribute ·whly0597@126.com0597-3305315 share point collection