“Spring Breeze Action” will provide 58,000 jobs, and more than 10,000 people have reached their employment intention

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On February 18, the city held the first live-broadcast activity of “Spring Breeze Action” this year. 5,575 jobs were provided by 161 enterprises, covering many popular industries such as biomedicine, manufacturing, logistics, chemical industry, electronic information and education.It is reported that since the special activity of “Spring Breeze Action” this year, the city has held 74 online and offline job fairs, providing 58,000 positions and reaching more than 10,000 people’s intentions. The social visibility, participation and influence of “Spring Breeze Action” have been greatly improved compared with last year.To promote the “spring breeze action” activities smoothly, city people club bureau organization various counties (city, area) make full use of the rural labor force employment real-name registration system, in accordance with the age, income and educational level screening representative, in a timely manner after the Spring Festival migrant workers to ascertain the job requirements, training needs, the innovation service demand, establish and improve the service demand list.At the same time, organize various counties (city, area) a comprehensive understanding of enterprises within their respective jurisdictions in demand after the Spring Festival, the cumulative collection post information more than 20000, in a timely manner in the city people club bureau’s website, WeChat public and hebei public recruitment network platform to push, let the job seekers never leave home can all obtain employment information and position information, enhance the “spring breeze action” recruiting activity is targeted.To promote the rural labor force especially out of poverty population, rural low-income population, employment difficult personnel multi-channel areas for special groups such as employment, labor service cooperation of both in and out of the city actively promote successively with a unit of labor service cooperation of other provinces and cities hosted online recruitment “spring breeze action” 20 games, a total of 817 companies, more than 10000 jobs,Better guarantee the job search needs of specific job seekers.At the same time, taking “Spring Breeze Action” as an opportunity, we took the initiative to coordinate and communicate with baoding and Zhangjiakou to realize the sharing of post resources.Up to now, zhuhai has established long-term labor cooperation relations with 34 units inside and outside the province, and completed the transfer of rural labor to non-agricultural industries for employment of 1,888 people, including 915 labor export.In order to effectively improve the effect of “Spring Breeze Action”, Yuanshi County, Chang ‘an District, Luancheng District, Xinle City, and Xingtang County held large-scale offline special recruitment activities while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control.The Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau cooperated with Noah Human Resources Development Co., Ltd. to open a special recruitment area of “Spring Breeze Action” on the official platform of Shijiazhuang Human Resources Industrial Park in China, providing enterprises and job seekers with online job Posting and recruitment services.So far, 37,000 “Spring Breeze Action” jobs have been posted in the platform’s special section, 11,000 people have participated in the online job search, and more than 4,000 people have reached their employment intentions.At the same time, more than 4,500 posts were posted for “Spring Breeze Action” through the strong Bird Recruitment website, which is dedicated to providing employment services for urban talents, and the website received more than 140,000 page views.The spring Breeze campaign will last until the end of March.According to the person in charge of the city employment service center, the later period will continue to take the combination of online and offline, and it is expected to hold more than 130 kinds of job fairs and release more than 90,000 posts.