Shui Qingxia was kicked by the Japanese fracture, implanted steel nail 7 years did not pick, even the Olympic + World Cup runner-up

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China has made a triumphant return to China after beating South Korea 3-2 in the final of the Women’s Asian Cup to a national ovation.The team won the championship, also let Xu Qingxia more past events were exposed by the media.Many fans are feeling, the spokesman of the old generation sonorous rose is too do not understand, finally have a chance to understand this sonorous rose hero’s experience, do not know how we see, you can say your views in the comments section below, thank you.Was born in 1966 in jiangsu yancheng ShuiQingXia, playing in the women’s center, had in Shanghai, and the national team for many times, including an experience about ShuiQingXia is the most powerful, it is playing in 1992 she went to Japan to study abroad to study abroad, two years, had suffered serious injuries.He suffered a serious fracture in a football match with a man, and then underwent surgery for internal fixation of steel nails.In surgery, however only five months later, she will be back on the training ground, on behalf of Shanghai in national games competition, then take part in a series of series, including in Japan to help the Chinese team won the 1994 Asian games, won the Asian cup champion, and in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, China got silver medal.After that, she won the National Games, again played in the Japan League and the 1999 World Cup. However, due to injury, She did not play in the United States.The most shocking thing is that when Shui Qingxia underwent surgery in 1993, the steel nail that she hit stayed in her body for 7 years and was officially removed around 2000, which is really amazing.Perhaps this is why the Chinese women’s team under the lead of the ShuiQingXia, can finish strong reversal reason, the game, we saw ShuiQingXia under the condition of the backward continuous battalions, finally realizes the reversal, and support her, there is no doubt that age is players have the character and belief.As a player, she has a strong willpower. She can bury a steel nail in her body for 7 years, but she can still lead the Chinese team to win a series of honors. There is no doubt that she is the best person to coach the Chinese women’s football Team.