Rural | why some township building projects for a lot of money, but do not rise?

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In the process of rural revitalization, some local governments have ignored the requirements of rural development and pursued short and quick results, focusing only on infrastructure investment rather than rural industrial development, without scientific and reasonable planning, and blindly pursuing urbanization, westernization and gentrification. As a result, their rural planning is rigid and not in harmony with the theme.As a result, rural tourism lacks the support of characteristic industries, the participation of ordinary people is low, and rural tourism is not really done.In the process of rural revitalization, some local governments have ignored the requirements of rural development and pursued short and quick results, focusing only on infrastructure investment rather than rural industrial development, without scientific and reasonable planning, and blindly pursuing urbanization, westernization and gentrification. As a result, their rural planning is rigid and not in harmony with the theme.As a result, rural tourism lacks the support of characteristic industries, the participation of ordinary people is low, and rural tourism is not really done.01 There are problems in the guidance of rural tourism by the competent government departments. First, some places are desperate to catch up with speed, and there are risks of a great leap forward.Some local governments are greedy, seeking more, and seeking faster. They pursue short-term interests and superficial image changes, and set too high requirements for the cultivation cycle, investment scale and completion number of rural tourism. They are eager to achieve results and busy with political achievements.Second, the appetite of local governments is generally lifted. Instead of focusing on the endogenous power of rural tourism, they eagerly expect the central government to make big moves in preferential policies, financial funds and investment projects, forming a new round of investment driving local economic growth, which is particularly obvious in the central and western regions.It should be the pursuit of rural tourism that the goal is unknown, farming and tourism disjoint gather popularity, generate wealth and raise vitality.However, some places do not have clear goals and positioning, and do not know what the development of rural tourism is for, resulting in a serious disconnection between agriculture and tourism.The lack of effective interaction between industry and industry, industry and community, industry and people, and industry and urban and rural areas has formed an industrial island.Indistinct planning system Because there is no ready-made and standardized planning standard for rural tourism, there are some problems such as lack of overall planning in the preparation of planning, inadequate connection between agriculture and tourism, and insufficient functional integration.The types of planning required by local governments are not quite the same. Some require the rural tourism to be declared to complete the overall planning and detailed control planning, and then complete the rural development planning.Some only need to have the conceptual planning of rural tourism in line with the overall planning of land use, urban and rural planning, and environmental functional area planning.Some require rural tourism construction planning according to the concept of “multiple regulations in one”.The rural tourism industry should be based on the local special natural endowment and the advantages of resources and environment.For example, based on the advantages of agriculture and natural landscape, agriculture, tourism and leisure tourism industry;It can also be local regional characteristic industry or industry cluster supporting industry and so on.Rural tourism, because it is located in rural areas, or distributed in remote areas or mountainous areas, has unique agricultural and tourism resources. The development of rural tourism agriculture and tourism industry mainly serves the surrounding cities and even wider tourism consumers.Therefore, to develop rural tourism, we must have the industrial support of market competitiveness and sustainable viability.For local governments, some officials do not understand the industry, nor have they built the basic conditions conducive to industrial development and an open and inclusive business environment to facilitate rural tourism investors to independently and efficiently combine various types of production and engage in industrial activities.Lack of attraction to all kinds of production and innovation elements rural tourism must be people-oriented.Suits people jobs, living and life, rural tourism is attractive, we must build comfortable and convenient public facilities and services, including transport infrastructure, the high quality of public health and health care, education facilities and services, as well as the pleasant ecological environment, etc., it is a necessary condition for the rural tourism development, also is the basic condition of human development needs.However, the problem of unbalanced development is prominent in China, and the economic development of the eastern and western regions is quite different.Compared with cities, most areas in rural areas do not have better infrastructure and public services, so rural tourism development is not easy to have a strong attraction, which is due to the lack of local financial resources, resource allocation system and mechanism, urban and rural power levels and other reasons.From the perspective of rural tourism attraction, there are both economic problems and institutional problems, which need to be systematically solved through economic development and institutional reform to achieve results. It is not the competent government departments Shouting a few slogans or issuing a few documents can be achieved.There is no scientific and reasonable planning. I have investigated many rural tourism construction projects, but they generally lack reasonable planning. Some of them just follow the requirements of the local leaders, or the county leaders hold a meeting to study and pass the project and then start to do it, lacking strict project planning.First, the layout and location of rural tourism should be scientific and reasonable.Overall consideration of local natural geography and resource conditions, distribution of surrounding cities, industrial division of labor, convenient transportation and other factors;Second, the differentiation and combination of rural spatial pattern should be carried out reasonably.Rural tourism should reasonably divide the division and integration of spatial functions, reasonably arrange the layout of production, ecology, living, transportation, public and service facilities, and promote integrated planning and comprehensive configuration.Do a good job of rural tourism planning, will be conducive to the development of rural tourism, in order to more effectively promote the improvement of rural tourism ecological environment and sustainable development.Most government-led rural tourism development models fail to meet the needs of consumers and the market.The main reason is that the construction of rural tourism is more to meet the subjective wishes and assessment requirements of the government, rather than to meet the needs of consumers or the market. Many investment bosses are used to looking for the head of the city (county), rather than studying the market.The participation of ordinary people in leisure tourism is not taken into account, which leads to investment and resource waste due to the lack of market response or pursuit.To avoid the rural tourism make this situation happen again, efficient way is to press the government guidance, enterprise main body, promoting the construction of rural tourism marketing operation way to the improvement of operating model, to a more market-oriented investment mechanism and operation mode of investment, construction, operation, management, the development of rural tourism, to reduce the investment of the construction of rural tourism is invalid.The government should avoid doing everything at all costs, focus on creating a good environment for the development of rural tourism and providing good services for investment and operation enterprises.How to upgrade rural tourism?We think: under the condition of market law and space resource shortage, people’s advocation and pursuit of rural tourism is a kind of poetic ideal or value pursuit, but may not be consistent with the reality of each place.The construction and development of a real rural tourism, natural endowment and location conditions are essential conditions, only in the basic and conditions have the factors, adhere to the rural tourism construction and development operation mode of seeking truth from facts, based on the long-term, follow the law, highlight the characteristics, only in this way, livable, livable, beautiful and harmonious.Only sustainable rural tourism can realize people’s poetic ideal or value pursuit.Rural tourism is a village settlement, and its main body is farmers. However, a large number of rural tourism projects exist the phenomenon of seeing things and not seeing people, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of rural tourism.Farmers are the carriers of inheriting local culture. The food culture, customs, religious etiquette and festival activities they carry are the “source culture” of local culture and also an important factor to attract tourists.Different local cultures need to be conveyed by local farmers, whose clothes, manners and manners all carry strong local flavor. Tourists can truly understand rural society only through personal contact with them, living together with them in the countryside and experiencing the life flavor of farmers.Therefore, it is the main responsibility of the government to mobilize the people to participate in rural tourism.Enhance the level of rural construction because of the rural construction and the conflict of modern life, not harmonious with the surrounding environment, most of the rural tourism planning of rehabilitation of the construction of vernacular architecture, don’t pay attention to the inheritance of traditional building techniques and ignore the traditional material, lead to local historical style and features of the original building was dismembered, lack of rural regional characteristics, rural overall style “sameness”.Therefore, rural construction is an important part of rural tourism, is a unique carrier of rural intangible cultural heritage, reflects the overall style of rural, contains a strong historical and artistic value, has an important role in promoting rural tourism, is an important guarantee to achieve sustainable development of rural tourism.In the upgrading and development of rural tourism, rural construction with regional characteristics should be created so that tourists can find different rural experience, so as to give full play to the unique charm of rural tourism.The main problems existing in the development of rural industry in rural tourism are: on the one hand, the limitation of understanding of rural tourism, on the other hand, the lack of detailed industrial planning.Rural tourism is one-sided understanding of “farmhouse”, “home stay”, “rural playground”, some government officials lack scientific guidance on rural tourism, lack of the overall layout of rural industry, lack of detailed division of rural industry planning.The development of rural tourism industry should not only rely on local agricultural production, but also improve its secondary and tertiary industries, guide the development of diversified industrial integration, and achieve the goal of building a diversified health industry.Rural tourism has now become an important part of urban life. For people living in the hustle and bustle of the city, rural tourism has become a power to release pressure.Every year, 2 billion tourists visit rural areas.In the face of such a huge tourism consumption market, some local governments do not consider the objective reality, blindly invest in the construction of scenic spots and scenic spots, lack of standardized behavior, lack of professional guidance, so that they are unable to integrate the industrial chain of rural tourism, resulting in the development of cultural resources in rural tourism is difficult.Rural tourism planning industry, is a professional technology, the planning and design of tourist attractions, industrial layout, and the development of tourism products require professional control and planning, and thus to the vigorous development of rural tourism, requires training rural tourism professionals, strengthen personnel training and guidance to the rural tourism development.Copyright notice: text and text from the network, only used for learning exchange, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source marked wrong or infringement, please contact xiaobian, will be corrected and deleted in time.Read ten thousand books, travel ten thousand miles.We are honored to share this article with you!Not landing, not creative, if you have a good material case, also welcome to share the comments below ~