Qianjiang Evening News special planning | after the wind and rain, so we see you again

2022-07-05 0 By

Qianjiang evening news hour news from the New Year at the beginning of some difficult, hangzhou also less happy years ago this wave, upset a lot of people New Year plan before the New Year to you, so we’d like to say thank you thank you for your retrograde use stick to, for our mind thank you curtilage home understanding, tolerance that twists and turns left with separation, thank you to let more people together Sometimes,Love is desperate to you sometimes, love is the active distance whether together with you, no matter the miles Wan Lijia warm, caring thoughts, is the same as the Spring Festival, let’s calm down, go out less, less party the Spring Festival, qianjiang evening news reporter will always accompany you hours for disease resistant special service platform has been open to have what difficulty,Come to us at any time we take root together across the wind and snow of the epidemic in Hangzhou, stand together through storm and rain, Ruihu welcome spring, spring may be late, but we will not be absent after the wind and rain, and so we meet again