My province is expected to announce civil servants (selected transfer students) written test results in mid-April

2022-07-05 0 By

On March 26th, the inspection report meeting of the written examination for civil servants (selected students) in 2022 was held at the chengbei campus of Qinghai Normal University.Zhang Huangyuan, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress and Du Jie, deputy chairman of the Provincial CPPCC attended the meeting.It is reported that this year the province’s public examination of civil servants (selected students) written test work in the province’s 9 test areas, 89 test sites, 3002 test rooms carried out simultaneously.The civil servant (selected students) to implement grading classification examination, that is, provinces, states and county and township positions to implement grading examination, according to the characteristics and requirements of different levels of organs to determine the test content.Civil servants in general management, civil servants in administrative law enforcement and selected and transferred students are subject to classified examination.The examination will strictly implement the national and provincial COVID-19 prevention and control arrangements, conduct screening before the examination and prevention and control during the examination, establish and improve epidemic prevention and control monitoring, early warning and disposal mechanisms during the written examination, and ensure the health and safety of the examinees and staff.Coordinate with relevant departments to do a good job in the examination room, transportation, medical prevention and control, radio monitoring and power supply, and strictly implement the security and safety regulations on the storage, escort, collection and distribution of the written examination papers, so as to ensure the safety and smooth progress of this year’s examination.The written test will be marked from March 28 and the results are expected to be announced in mid-April.