In a quandary!The United States has taken Japan on “sides” in the Russia-Ukraine dispute, and Japan has been slow to take a position

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Recently, with the instigation of the United States, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has become increasingly out of control, which is manifested by the massive deployment of troops on both sides of the border.Recently, Kishida was unusually silent about reports that the United States was once again trying to drag Japan into the ongoing tensions in Ukraine and Russia, and biden’s unexpected situation emerged.Washington (Reuters) – The Biden administration told The Kishida administration a day earlier that Japan needed to play a role in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, sources said.According to the report, the US made it clear that When Russia sent troops to “invade” Ukraine, Japan should stand up and impose economic sanctions on Russia.Japan is said to have remained silent on the US demand, with some Japanese officials concerned that the territorial dispute with Russia could take an unpredictable turn if economic sanctions are imposed on Moscow.It is obvious that Japan does not intend to take part in the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia.Kishida’s government has said that Japan will “respond strongly” to Russian attacks on Ukraine if necessary, and will work closely with its Allies, including the United States.Japan’s reluctance, France’s surprise?Local time on February 7, according to, after Japan hesitated to formally express its position, France implemented a series of events that Biden did not expect.Reports show that French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin met offline in the evening on the Ukraine issue.The two sides reportedly held talks for more than five hours.Speaking after the meeting, Putin thanked France for its efforts to ease Russia’s differences with Europe and NATO.Macron will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and look forward to the results of their talks.Mr Macron said the next few days would be decisive.It’s clear that While Biden was wooing Japan to put pressure on Russia, France was actually de-escalating the conflict with Ukraine.At the end of last month, France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine held four-party talks to de-escalate the Crisis in Ukraine.Foreign media reported that positive results were achieved during the talks, which mainly reflected in the consensus reached by all parties on a ceasefire agreement.It is clear that the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is moving in a direction that Mr Biden does not want.Under such circumstances, should it continue to draw in other countries, or change its stance?Hopefully it can think rationally.Part of the information reference source: huanqiu