Huayin Public Security bureau: the police issued cross-provincial household registration certificate to help the masses solve problems

2022-07-05 0 By

Issued by the Ministry of Public Security to deploy a nationwide census register class certificate “across the province to do” work since, hua hin city public security bureau police brigade household, auxiliary police squadron immediately organized the police station census register people to the file spirit, training learning process, to handle affairs the propaganda policy actively, recently, our bureau of census register of civilian police to deal with a birth certificate for a woman to coordinate to solve problems,She also provided her with an inter-provincial household registration certificate, which helped her solve the problem that had been bothering her for a long time.On February 14, Hu Mou of villager of big city village of wufang township came to peach next police station to seek advice from police of census register, its child was 3 years old, cannot deal with birth certificate all the time, bring about cannot sign up for a family for the child, how should do?Comfort her don’t try so hard, the police and immediately asks the masses can’t deal with the specific reason for the birth certificate, through the understanding, is Hu Mou tongxu county in henan province, with hua hin guy fall in love by parents opposed, conflict with parents, for their children to deal with the documents such as birth certificate, her parents never with hu kou book, unable to provide hu kou book,The health authorities were unable to issue a birth certificate for her, and now she and her husband are worried as their child reaches kindergarten age.Learned that after the actual difficulties of the masses, the household registration police immediately reflect the related to household squadron, household squadron police immediately to deal with the medical certificate of birth and maternal and child health care hospital staff, after many repeated communication, finally confirmed by police investigation to verify Hu Mou household registration information and correlation information, and the household registration certificates,Can be dealt with for the child “birth medical certificate”, the police will inform Hu of this news immediately.On February 15, 2022, Hu Mou and her husband came to the window at the government affairs service center place of cross-provincial residential certificate, because Hu Mou registered for tongxu county in henan province, through the query correlation information discovery of Hu Mou father oriented households, to verify the real situation of Hu Mou account, through the national police inter-provincial migration system in contact with the local police station, after the check,Hu household registration information is correct, and its household registration without a newborn household report, the police issued a “cross-province do” household registration certificate for Hu.After getting the household registration certificate, Hu and her husband thanked the police, said he immediately went to the hospital for the child birth certificate and then went to the police station for birth report households, very grateful to the police for their things multi-communication contact, help them solve the child do birth certificate, go to school and a series of troubles.”Across the province to do” hukou migration and census register class certificates for the convenience of measures of implementation, reduces the trouble of going back and forth across the masses, solved some problem of the masses because of family conflicts can’t deal with related business, improve the jurisdiction the satisfaction and happiness, during the period of the outbreak, reduces unnecessary personnel flow, obtained the heartfelt praise of the masses.(Chen Jing)