A couple in Jiangxi province drove 13 hours home. Their son waited at the door early in the morning

2022-07-05 0 By

A video of a couple driving 13 hours home in Ji ‘an, Jiangxi province, and their son waiting at the door in the early hours of the morning has gone viral on the Internet, attracting the attention and heated discussion of netizens.The footage shows a couple who drove 13 hours home for Chinese New Year and arrived home in the wee hours of the morning, while the whole family, including their 12-year-old son, waited at the door.When the boy saw his parents drive to the door of his house, he hurried to meet them with a happy smile on his face and called out “Mom and Dad”.”The children usually go to bed around 8 a.m.,” said the mother. “They are always waiting until they come back. That’s what going home means.”She also said that after a 13-hour drive with her husband, she always wanted to go home for the Spring Festival, no matter how far away she was.See the son called mom and Dad, I believe that the couple at this time must be very warm heart, feel very happy.Netizens saw this behind the scenes feel tears, have spoken their own views.One netizen said: “Although working outside is hard, I feel warm at this moment. This is the happy time every parent can have when they come back home.Son of a father and mother, called my heart sour, shed sad tears.Some netizens said: the child is still squatting outside in such a cold weather, it is estimated that he may have squatted outside very early, until the early morning, is really a sensible and let a person distressed child.Another netizen said: when I was a child, I was also one of the millions of left-behind children. Every time the scenes of reunion and separation are vividly visible, the joy of reunion and the pain of leaving will never be forgotten.That’s why people look forward to going home for the Spring Festival, because there’s something waiting for them far away.Returning home for the Spring Festival and being with family is a very happy, very warm and very affectionate ceremony. This ceremony will let countless people overcome all difficulties and obstacles to go home.What do you think about that?