4AM Out of the doldrums!Week final day 12 kill chicken, Wei God hit the first incarnation of god of War

2022-07-05 0 By

Since the PCL spring tournament opened, the 4AM team, which has been widely expected, has performed very poorly.The tournament is now in its fourth week, and if 4AM does not rise, it is likely to lose its reputation as a strong team.Although 4AM had eaten chicken in previous competitions, from the perspective of the situation, it is more luck than strength that 4AM can eat chicken.4AM can’t do it head-on against other good teams.However, on the first day of the final in the fourth week, the 4AM team seemed to usher in a big change.One of the great changes, is wei God played a number one.The difference between position 1 and other positions is that Wei Shen can grasp the regiment battle information commanding members in the first time. Before, it was always 112 to open the regiment completely by himself. Wei Shen in the back can only ask them the opposite situation and then give white, but Wei Shen no. 1 white give more but can also direct members how to fight according to first-hand information.In the first day of the final in the fourth week, the first game 4AM played a very good operation, the success of 12 eliminated the success of chicken.In this game, 4AM is not only lucky, but also due to the ability of the gun rebound.From the end of the game, Xiao Hai began to shake fists can also see that the state of 4AM team should be adjusted, there is a great rebound.In addition, wei God’s own strength, also got a lot of promotion.The last game on the first day of the fourth week finals, Wei Shen’s performance, let many viewers straight back to two years ago.Things are very simple, in the previous performance of the very poor Wei God, in the bureau of competition inside, staged the limit pull gun.Under the extreme pull of God, Celestia has no power to fight back.Finally, 4AM successfully eliminated the Three Tyranos, leaving only one lone Wolf to escape.Such a perfect pull gun, let many viewers feel that Wei God has found confidence!However, 4AM has warmed up before, and although 4AM performed very well this time, I do not know whether the state can be maintained.In general, 4AM keeps giving viewers hope and breaking them.4AM fans can tune in to watch the PCL spring competition on Tiger Tooth, which has the first view channels of 4AM, Ifty and Tianba.Many viewers know that 4AM is in a low state, just from the first view channel, see Wei God sigh again and again.This time is still from the first perspective of the channel inside, see the small sea waving fist, we feel that 4AM state better!