To build “century-old royal jewelry”, the annual income was 1.964 billion yuan, and the inventory of psychic jewelry was 1.626 billion yuan

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Nowadays, there are many jewelry brands on the market, and the consumer groups are getting younger and younger. Many cities have special jewelry streets.There are also many famous brands in China, such as Laofeng Xiang, Chow Tai Fook and so on, but there should be many people in Nanjing who know Tongling jewelry, but later changed to Lai Shen Tongling, what is the story?Once the annual income of 1.964 billion, the popularity of psychic jewelry in the local is also very high, and there are even a lot of rich people from Shanghai specially fly to Nanjing, just to buy its jewelry, obviously, such a lively and popular store, the revenue will not be less.In 2017, psychic jewelry was at its peak, with a revenue of 1.964 billion yuan alone and a net profit of more than 3 billion yuan. Many people said that the good quality of the product itself would attract more audiences, which should be reasonable.But Shen Dongjun, one of the founders, has a much fancier plan.Now, “wine is not afraid of alley deep” era, After Shen Dongjun and his brother-in-law Ma Jun set up a psychic jewelry company, Shen Dongjun has become the “front” person, mainly engaged in marketing, creating gimmicks.Many young people should remember that “only you”, he attended in the carat lovers, and so on, he personally in TV series, has created a Grosvenor LTD handsome man, will also be your own jewelry brand embedded in it, a lot of people said that Mr. Shen was very narcissism, like being “praise”, this point in the development of after, be show incisively and vividly.In 2016, Psychic Jewelry went public, and the following year, it earned $1.964 billion in revenue.Things have gone well so far, but, after all, it is a partnership, it is inevitable that there will be differences in management, Shen Dongjun and his brother-in-law are no exception.Before shen Dongjun became Ma Jun’s brother-in-law, he was just a very ordinary young man. After he met Ma Chongren, the daughter of the “Jade King”, he had the opportunity to develop in the jewelry industry, but he was also labeled as a “taongren”.In order not to be people say “eat soft rice”, Mr. Shen persuaded the brother-in-law Mr. Ma, in the local jewelry street, rented a jade sales counter, afterwards because please father-in-law Ma Chongren patrolling, coupled with low prices, has captured a lot of consumers, and later because of the threat of peers, he transformed into a free publicity, since then, channeling jewelry fame soared.After that, Shen Dongjun and Ma Jun completely from jade began to turn to jewelry, psychic jewelry is from that time is officially established.Originally a local brand in Nanjing, according to the previous popularity, the normal operation should not be too bad, and After Shen Dongjun also launched several explosive products, such as “diamond fire color”, “blue flame” and so on, by a lot of women at home and abroad love.In 2013, Shen dongjun used the love story between the Kingdom of Belgium and its queen to make a big promotion.Since then, the concept of “royal” engraved on the Mr. Shen’s mind, he felt, jewelry to sell well, you must have the noble royal blood, so in 2017, Mr. Shen decided to acquisition of the Belgian royal jewelry brand, gentlemen, he will be the company’s location is changed to “royal jewelry” in one hundred, or from Europe, the concept of change,Many shareholders, including Ma Jun, are very opposed.Because, even though she is very famous in foreign countries, is very high, but in the mainland, high reputation is much less than the psychic, so operation is likely to be bad for their business, but Mr. Shen idea very firmness, shareholder’s dissuasion failed soon in 2018, the company’s revenue and profit decline, internal executives has been departure, Mr. Shen a perfect moment in life,And it’s getting darker.The backlog of 1.626 billion laishen Tongling inventory not only personnel changes, even the original business together with the brother-in-law Ma Jun couple also gradually asked little of the company, later because in the shareholder meeting, Ma Jun and Shen Dongjun often disagree, Shen Dongjun took Ma Jun couple to court.Many shareholders also said when they left that Shen dongjun required a lot and it was difficult to satisfy him.In the company side of the quarrel, his wife Ma Qiaoalso said to divorce him.According to his wife, Mr. Shen was vindictive, purged the families of departing executives from the company, and had a questionable lifestyle, including an illegitimate child.However, in a later media interview with Shen dongjun, he said, “There is no such thing.”Since then, the internal revenue and profit of Psychic Jewelry have been declining. It may also be that the executives are busy litigating instead of focusing on operation. By the end of the third quarter of 2021, the company’s inventory has accumulated 1.626 billion yuan of goods that have not been sold, accounting for more than 60% of the total assets.Obviously, Shen Dongjun has been immersed in the rich and handsome people set did not come out, now psychic jewelry, popularity and sales have both declined, psychic jewelry to return to the scenery in those days, I’m afraid it will be a long time.