Shanxi Pingyao County Market Supervision bureau to strengthen the import of cold chain food safety supervision

2022-07-04 0 By

Market Supervision Bureau of Pingyao County, Shanxi Province, has strengthened supervision on the safety of imported cold-chain food in order to carry out regular epidemic prevention and control and resolutely block the spread of COVID-19 through cold-chain food.First, strict total warehouse management system.According to the Interim Measures of Shanxi Province for General Warehouse Management of Imported Frozen and Refrigerated Meat, general warehouse management must be implemented for imported frozen and refrigerated meat (water-bearing products) before storage, production, sale, processing and use, so as to ensure that “all imported frozen and refrigerated meat must be inspected, all imported frozen and refrigerated meat must be eliminated, and people must be inspected together”.All qualified products must be posted to trace the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code before being marketed for sale, so that the source can be traced, the whereabouts can be traced, closed-loop management.Under the comprehensive coordination of leaders and functional departments at all levels of the city and county, jinzhong imported frozen and refrigerated meat warehouse is located in Pingyao County Longhai Company, which will officially operate from June 6, 2021.As of March 27 this year, a total of 23 food units purchased imported frozen meat through jinzhong general warehouse, a total of 284,461 pieces of 6941.9851 tons, all negative nucleic acid tests, all posted traceability codes.Second, we will strictly implement the principal responsibility of business operators.Law enforcement personnel further urged cold-chain food producers and operators to strictly implement the main responsibility of food safety self-inspection, purchase inspection, certificate and ticket, purchase and sales ledger records, and resolutely put an end to the purchase, processing, sales and use of cold chain food from unknown sources and imported frozen and refrigerated meat without the general warehouse management of the province.Unify the forms of food production units’ employee registration forms, alien personnel registration forms and elimination records, and supervise and urge food production units to do a good job in personnel registration control and elimination as required.Check and record 6 third-party cold storage, among which 5 store livestock (including 3 store imported livestock) and 1 store vegetables.Third, strengthen law enforcement inspection, screening and control.Adhere to the “three, three certificates, four” management, to production and processing, the third party cold storage, shopping malls supermarkets and catering service units for key sites, focusing on import cold-chain food varieties, cold-chain food imports to the customs declaration form, nucleic acid testing certificates, certificate of disinfection, etc as the focus, focus on market regulation and public security forces to carry out the controls,Administratively detained the person in charge of 2 small workshops, and investigated, punished and severely evaded the violations of general warehouse management.Fourth, strengthen protective measures.Cooperate with the county health and physical education bureau to strictly implement the requirements of “all entering must be checked, all entering must be eliminated, and people with prevention” in the general warehouse, supervise and urge the general warehouse to carry out the elimination of goods and environment, and implement the safety protection and whole-course vaccination system of special class personnel.At present, the isolation point of Wulizhuang main warehouse has been put into use to implement closed-loop management of the staff of the main warehouse, and nucleic acid tests are conducted daily for the staff and operating environment of the main warehouse.More than 90 employees from 42 food production units involved in imported cold chains were tested every other day according to regulations, and the test results were all negative.Delivery people.Sixty-two employees of meituan and Ele. me, two third-party online platforms, underwent nucleic acid testing once a week.(Correspondent Hao Xinghua)