Roewe i5GT power allows you to start freely

2022-07-04 0 By

Once upon a time, GT was synonymous with luxury cars, symbolizing outstanding modeling and excellent performance. However, the high price also makes it hard for ordinary people to reach, let alone young people who have just stepped into society.Roewe i5GT breaks this market rule and makes the 80,000-yuan ultra-cost-effective “GT” become a reality.The appearance of the new Roewe I5 GT uses the digital rhythm family design language, around the theme of “young, dynamic, quality” design innovation.The new Z-shaped dragon scale grille is matched with the through-through folding front LED headlights, which stretches the visual width of the front and brings a strong visual impact with the outstanding three-dimensional sense.Start off: as a new product with a “sports” temperament, the new Roewe I5 GT brings users surging T power with the same level to strong “double Top” power combination, realizing the acceleration of 100 km in 7 seconds.Among them, bluecore 1.5T high-efficiency engine has won the “China Heart” top ten engine award, with a power of 127kW and a large torque of 275N·m.Intelligent opening and hanging, smart driving, smart pod in one step: inheriting the smart gene of Roewe brand, the new Roewe I5 GT is equipped with Internet car Venus intelligent system, which has won a famous website for two consecutive years, making the driving second avant-garde cool technology single product.Its support for 90 seconds full-duplex AI natural interactive voice, just wake up a “hello” zebra, can continuous dialogue and fully functional voice control 2022 happy New Year, roewe send gifts, new car welfare hits, many models to choose to you, but more than benefits to your adversary, we sincerely invite you and your family to come to trial driving.