Medical team stationed in Hong Kong!All the stars refueling against the epidemic, Richard Li donated supplies, Joseph Cheng moved warm people

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Recently, the fifth wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong, and the situation is very serious.The whole process was very difficult because there was no nucleic acid for all.Fortunately, the arrival of the National medical team in Hong Kong yesterday (19 February) has provided strong support for the fight against the epidemic. I believe that Hong Kong will soon regain its charm as the Pearl of the Orient.As artists and four families, social responsibility also needs to be shown at this moment.Up to now, dozens of celebrities have publicly cheered for Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic. Even Joseph Cheng, grandson of Cheng Yu-tung, one of Hong Kong’s four biggest families, has joined in. Richard Li has also used his companies to publicize the fight against the epidemic and donate supplies to the front line.It is understood that the national nucleic acid needs a large number of testing kits, the most serious material is testing kits.In the first place, Richard Li, through his subsidiary Pacific Pacific Technology co., LTD., subsidized the consultation fee of HK $200 per patient for 100,000 patients who visited the Dr Go remote diagnosis and treatment platform. In addition, he also provided 3,000 customer service lines to support, answered questions from citizens, and donated 100,000 quick test kits and 100,000 food sets.In addition, Richard Li has informed his boy band to act as anti-epidemic ambassadors and shoot promotional videos to cheer up Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic.As cheng Yu-tung’s grandson, Cheng Zhigang can be said to be the most outstanding grandson of the four families, the wealth has already reached billions of dollars, the fight against the epidemic, Cheng Zhigang is also in the front line.On February 19, According to Hong Kong media reports, Adrian Cheng said that he is willing to vacate the exhibition as a test site, and study to borrow the land to build more makeshift hospitals, to ease the current situation of medical resources shortage.In addition, Hong Kong cable TV, as well as the company’s residential and shopping malls, will broadcast the news 24 hours a day to keep the public informed of the latest situation.In fact, as early as the beginning of the fifth wave of the outbreak, Cheng had donated a lot of supplies.Due to the shortage of beds in public hospitals, many patients had to stay in bed outdoors. Mr. Cheng mobilized 100 heaters at New World hotels to keep them warm.In order to fully combat the epidemic, New World has again announced that it will lend about 700 rooms of its hotels to support the fight against the virus.Thomas Kwok, chairman of Sun Hung Kai Properties, also offered his full support.Lee Ka-kit lee, a scion of lee shau Kee’s family, said Henderson Land had given hk $13 million to support Hong Kong’s fight against the virus.In addition to these outstanding family descendants, many celebrity artists have also donated.Kwok and Sam hui each donated 2000 novel coronavirus rapid test sets.Ng Kai-wah, Lam Wei-chan and Wong Yishan, who are on the mainland, cheered Hong Kong’s fight against the epidemic.”We are not afraid of anything with our motherland in our presence,” Lin said more movingly. “Come on, China! Come on, Hong Kong!”Huang Zongze, Ma Guoming, Lu Liangwei, Chen Hao, Guo Jin ‘an, CAI Sibei, Wu Zhuoxi, Li Yaoxiang, He Jiajin, Mai Changqing, Li Lichi, He Junxuan, Chen Meiling, Luo Jiaying, Xue Jiayan, Li Cansen, Huang Jiandong, Wang Juntang, Cao Rong, Li Guolin, Chow Yunfat and so on.I believe that with the encouragement of so many artists and the arrival of the national medical team, Hong Kong will surely defeat the epidemic as soon as possible and recover its former prosperity.