Heping Bay Expressway in Heping District resumed traffic on time

2022-07-04 0 By

On April 5, the traffic control team of Shenyang Epidemic Prevention Headquarters issued a notice on the resumption of passage of some adjusted toll stations in Shenyang.In accordance with the requirements, heping District quickly set up a special work team for the expressway entrance and exit of Heping Bay Station, and assigned two district-level leaders to carry out the “dual-head” responsibility system to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control measures are not relaxed, and the traffic is timely, high-quality and efficient.After nearly 10 hours of continuous efforts by 9 departments, the heping Bay Expressway in Heping District of Shenyang successfully resumed two-way traffic at 22:00 on April 5.Yu Xueli, chairman of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and Chen Dawei, director of the Municipal Bureau of Transportation, respectively went into the field to inspect and guide the work, and gave full affirmation to the “four in place” work of the highway entrance and exit work special team of Heping Bay Station in Heping District.Quickly assemble into position.On April 5, 12, heping district receives instruction in the city, district commission for discipline inspection of the prison appoint, bureau of WeiJian, law enforcement bureau, public security bureau, transportation bureau, traffic police brigade and other special work team members and expeditious, urban management bureau volunteers gathered in place quickly, deputy district chief iconboy form a conference at the scene, set up temporary party branch, party shock brigade.At 8:00 p.m., according to the work flow, the work of the special team to work separately, site planning access, barricades, establish bayonet.Traffic resumed on the Peace Bay Expressway at 10 PM.Standard control is in place.According to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in shenyang “on further strengthening the truck company by epidemic prevention and control management notice” requirements, special working team according to the actual import and export management, scientific temperature setting and epidemic prevention and yards, nucleic acid detection points and working process of a reasonable and orderly arrangement of first trial, quarantine inspection, photographed the unattended jobs such as fees and registration, to ensure that each process link orderly,Standard operation.Set up parking lots for stranded large trucks to provide parking, unloading, elimination and other services.Fit in place.In order to ensure the orderly and standardized operation of the work, the special shift command and leading group of the highway entrance and exit work of Heping Bay Station was set up, and systems such as daily meeting, pre-job training, shift change and instruction report were formulated.We need to prevent people, vehicles and goods from carrying the virus, comprehensively identify risks and hidden dangers, address weaknesses and loopholes in a targeted manner, and resolutely block road cargo transport and transmission channels and chains.The highway and Heping Bay Management Station cooperated with the special team to open the emergency passageway and ensure the close coordination and connection of all links.Ensure services are in place.In order to better obtain the understanding and support of drivers, a publicity board was set up in eye-catching locations, and a letter was sent to truck drivers to clarify the requirements of commitment and inspection related to the epidemic.The union also provides drivers with love packs (bread, sausage, mineral water and instant noodles).Vehicle-mounted mobile public toilets were set up.