Hangzhou New Year’s Eve dinner has been held for 17 years

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In the happy and peaceful atmosphere of the Spring Festival, many people are still working hard.They stick to the site to ensure that key projects go smoothly;They sent services to the countryside in order to let the people of the 26 mountain counties enjoy undifferentiated public services;They fight in the anti-epidemic front line, in order to build a defense line to protect the lives and health of the masses…Zhejiang news client launched today “Spring walking grassroots · I come to be an assistant” series of reports, through the reporter spring season grass-roots workers as an assistant to see and hear, to show their dedication to the hot scene of work, the people live and work in peace and happiness of the beautiful scene.Reporter from Zhejiang News App (first from left) and Zhang Minhua (second from left) make dumplings together.In baiyang Street neighborhood, Qiantang District, Hangzhou, there is a special New Year’s Eve dinner, which has been held for 17 consecutive years. The people who cook and eat are from all over the world.They may have never met, but on New Year’s Eve, they reaped the warmth of the city over delicious meals.January 31 this year, New Year’s Eve, I walked into the neighborhood community, to the Party branch secretary Zhang Minhua as an assistant, to help her prepare the New Year’s Eve dinner.Noon 12:30, I arrived at the neighborhood community party group service center, I saw here decorated, beaming.Several volunteers in red vests and masks are mixing noodles and cutting stuffing to make dumplings.”Happy New Year!Zhang Minhua, born in 1981, greets me warmly in a pink suit, her face masked by a smile.Zhang minhua initiated the special dinner in 2006 with the intention of “giving a hot meal to people from other parts of the country who were unable to arrive on New Year’s Eve”.Over the past 17 years, neighbors and communities have organized the New Year’s Eve dinner in the form of hot pot flowing feast, box round table party and other forms. Residents either show off their cooking skills or bring their own colorful hometown New Year’s dinner — snail noodles, bacon, braised chicken and other delicacies to share, turning the New Year’s Eve dinner into “family dinner”.The neighborhood community was established in 2006, and many of the houses in the community are rented by companies as dormitories for employees.At present, there are 3,471 households in the community, with a floating population of more than 8,300, most of whom work in nearby enterprises.”During The Spring Festival, 1,000 people from our community always stay in Hangzhou, and this year, about 3,000 remain because of COVID-19.””I’m from Haining. I worked in an enterprise before I came to work in the community. I’ve experienced the hardships and fatigue of wandering around,” Zhang minhua said as she mixed diced vegetables into the meat.As an assistant, I quickly rolled up my sleeves to help wash vegetables, dice, roll dumpling skin.In addition to the dumplings, the New Year’s Eve dinner has ordered lunch boxes, hot pot set, by the shop in the New Year’s Eve after burning the community.Boxed lunch has braised big ribs, kung pao chicken, vegetable with rotten skin, and hot pot set has beef, shrimp, mushroom and so on, it is a dazzling array of beautiful things.Neighborhoods and communities have found out in advance that some people in Hangzhou have actual difficulties during this Spring Festival.For example, migrant workers who are quarantined at home, family members of quarantined people, security guards and other migrant workers who stay at their posts in the community, and elderly people living alone who are inconvenient.”We sent 68 dumplings, 68 boxed lunches and 30 hot pot sets to these people.”Zhang minhua said.”A dumplings 10, we want to pack 680 dumplings, the task is not small, can have to grasp!”Ren Feng, a 43-year-old volunteer, was a little worried.Ren Feng, a native of Shanxi Province, came to Work in Hangzhou in 2017. He has been living in a neighborhood and comes to help prepare the New Year’s Eve dinner every New Year’s Eve.At 3:20 p.m., more than 400 dumplings were made, including ingot and crescent shaped dumplings, which were very lovely.I picked up a plate of dumplings first boiled.Looking at the dumplings bobbing in boiling water, I asked, “How did the community prepare the first New Year’s Eve dinner?”Zhang Minhua began to talk again: “More than 200 people arrived at a hubbub. There were not enough stools, and many of them just stood in the back row.We sang and danced, made dumplings together, watched the CCTV Spring Festival Gala until the wee hours of the morning, very happy!”The dinner became an instant hit, with many people urging Zhang to “hold it every year”.Zhang minhua said, “Our community is the first stop for many foreigners when they arrive in Hangzhou. Of course, we should cheer them on, and holding the New Year’s Eve dinner is a good way.”At 4 p.m., the first batch of dumplings out of the pot and packed.Earlier, a small cake had been delivered to the community by riders.”This is specially prepared for a family with a second child who is quarantined at home. The baby is still breastfeeding.Let’s go and see the house first. ‘Zhang minhua said.Zhang Minhua carried the hot pot set and dumplings. Volunteers and I helped her carry cakes and lunch boxes. We set out together to deliver food.Zhang Minhua knocked at the door of a building in dongshang international residence: “I am Zhang Minhua of the community, to send the New Year’s Eve dinner!They are all on the ground. Eat them while they are hot!”According to the non-contact principle, we can’t make face-to-face “delivery” with quarantined personnel.”Thank you, Secretary Zhang!My wife just feed the baby is sleeping, I will open the door later, happy New Year!”An enthusiastic reply came from the door.Then, we visited the families of the quarantined people, and then sent a New Year’s Eve dinner for uncle Lin and other empty nesters.The old men took Zhang Minhua by the hand and asked her questions as if they were their daughters.On New Year’s Eve the security master Wang still stick to his post to eat dumplings sent by Zhang Minhua, happy.Zhejiang news client friends Past Sun Jinman perturbation in the end, we put the family reunion dinner to community and neighborhood center dormitory management office, from shanxi LeiJianChang teacher for seven years, as a security guard this a few NianChuXi limpet, dormitory aunt mei is a few years no back to jilin, they all said: “over the years are min-hwa secretary give our family reunion dinner.”At 5 p.m., the phone read: We had taken more than 8,000 steps in an hour.”Doing community work, 15,000 steps a day is the norm for me.””I hope the epidemic will end soon and our community can have a lively New Year’s Eve dinner again,” zhang said with a smile.We want everyone to feel: come to Hangzhou development, to the neighborhood community life, tomorrow will be better!”