Chinese women’s basketball team wins by 33 points!The 26-year-old Guangdong international went crazy, hitting 30+7+6 with 14 shots to beat France

2022-07-04 0 By

Huang Sijing scored 30 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in 31 minutes during China’s 103-70 win over France in the Women’s Basketball World Cup qualifier on Feb 14, Beijing time.Become this service to win the ball important hero.From the game trend we can see that Huang Sijing is very hot, from the first quarter of the game hit three Pointers and transition attack killing, almost can say, as long as the right opportunity and turn, Wang Siyu passed out high-quality assists, she can finish at any Angle.Especially when Li Yueru and Li Meng were present at the same time, they attracted a lot of defense transfer force, while the French women’s basketball team’s defense focus is not on Wang Sijing, Huang Sijing can be sudden and can shoot the opportunity characteristics, which let the French women’s basketball coach pay the price.For The use of Huang Sijing, Zheng Wei’s strategy is very clear, if there is a chance to finish, not too many chances to jam, rush for the rebound, and create opportunities for teammates.Is very representative of the third quarter, when she stood high, either with Wang Siyu frequent calls, the cutter to the basket score, transformation attack is strong, direct and free-throw opportunities, entirely into their own pace, and the French women’s basketball team began to attach importance to si-jing huang, she again for han, Yang Liwei create opportunities, si-jing huang played very clever at the same time,Also further reflects the strength of the two sides of the huge gap, this is a Chinese women’s basketball is completely hanged French women’s basketball.French women’s basketball team of the Tokyo Olympic Games, in addition to some players do not belong to the next Olympic cycle, the French women’s basketball team into the new and old alternate, more than standing in 80 after the player’s level, the Chinese women’s basketball team is to belong to own golden age, inside you, li han, the striker si-jing huang, Li Meng, defence Yang Liwei, Wang Siyu, this batch of native writers,Under the current circumstances, whether it is the World Cup in Australia in September or the Olympic Games in Paris, this is a team with good results and medal chances. Under the guidance of Zheng Wei, it is highly anticipated by the outside world whether the women’s basketball team can reproduce its glory.