356 agricultural loans totaling 122.65 million yuan were issued!Jia County agricultural credit “loan” rural revitalization

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Ping Bao rong media reporter Zhang Hongyu correspondent Jia Feifei Hao Guoqing “the party’s agricultural policy is really better and better, not only to help me loan money, even interest subsidies.”On February 8, Jia County Ciba Town Wanshen farm chief Zhang Wanshen, after receiving 2711 yuan agricultural credit discount message reminder excitedly said.At present, Zhang wanshen has received two such SMS reminders, a total of 6,733 yuan subsidy interest.File photo provided by The Finance Bureau of Jia County.Zhang wanshen’s farm in Pangzhuang village, Ciba Town, started with a dozen cows in 2013 and grew to 50 in 2018.However, when he became rich, he encountered new troubles — long cycle of raising cattle, large investment and thin profit. He wanted to expand the amount of breeding, but was discouraged by the high interest of bank loans.Jia County Agricultural credit guarantee to promote the development of high-quality agricultural development, Zhang Wanshen successfully handled a loan of 300,000 Yuan in February 2018, the cattle stock is nearly 100 head.When Zhang Wanshen applied for guarantee again in February 2021, Jia County Agricultural Credit Guarantee not only raised the guarantee quota for zhang, but also reduced the guarantee rate from 2% to 0.8% a year, which greatly reduced the financing cost.File photo provided by The Finance Bureau of Jia County.In Jia County, there are 174 households enjoying provincial financial discount interest, totaling 587,800 yuan.In 2021, Jiaxian County was selected as one of the first 12 agricultural credit guarantee pilot counties in the province to promote high-quality agricultural development.Jiaxian county and the county government attaches great importance to study and establish the work plan, the county finance took out 10 million yuan to set up the agricultural credit guarantee risk compensation, determine the “jiaxian red cattle industry” and “green efficient agriculture” for the high quality agricultural development main direction, strengthen organizational leadership, build level 3 financial service system, innovation measures, expand channels of financial cooperation,We will enable more new types of agricultural businesses to enjoy “easily accessible and low-cost” fiscal loans with discounted interest, and effectively solve the problem of “difficult, expensive and slow financing”.Since the launch of the pilot program, Jiaxian county has issued 356 agricultural loans to new agricultural enterprises in the county with the loan amount of 122.65 million Yuan, boosting the high-quality development of agricultural industrialization and laying a solid foundation for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy.Editor: Cheng Guangrong