What physics are involved in curling?

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Have you ever watched curling?Do you know the rules and physics of the game?First we say rules, curling in caulis dendrobii, is made of granite, weighing about 19 kg, the two teams take turns to throw, throw with four players to play every time that a captain commanding a pitcher, two players of brush, they try to put his curling shot to dozens of meters away a stronghold of the location of the nearest to the center of the circle, and?Try to hit the other side’s hu far from the center of the circle, the two sides head eight dendrobium for a round.Finally, the team in the base camp that has the ice closest to the center of the circle gets points. Points are awarded to a few stones that are closer to the center than all the other teams.So, it’s not just about skill, it’s more about brain power, thinking about how to get to the center of the circle, how to knock the other person out of the center, how to prevent the other person from knocking you out of the center, it’s a good game.So curling is also called chess on ice.Speaking of physics, when a curler throws a curling stone, it will spin slightly. You will notice that if the stone spins counterclockwise, it will tilt to the left. If it spins clockwise, it will tilt to the right.What’s the physics behind it?Originally, when a curling stone rotates, the front and back move in different directions. In clockwise rotation, for example, the front of the curling stone moves to the right, so it experiences friction to the left, while the back of the curling stone moves to the left, so it experiences friction to the right.But, because the overall movement of the curling stone is forward, there is also friction behind it, causing it to slow down.This is similar to the braking of a car. When the car brakes, the whole car nods forward and the pressure on the front wheels increases.Similarly, when curling is in motion, there is more pressure on the front end than on the back end.According to the principle of physics, as the friction factor, friction is also great pressure, but in fact, due to the front pressure caused by curling front more ice melts into water, a thin layer of water film can greatly reduce the friction factor, causing the front of friction is rather smaller than the backend, so, curling will slants to the right.So what exactly is ice wiping doing?Wipe the ice ah, can make the ice quickly melt, melt the ice friction factor is reduced, the lateral friction is not much different before and after, so that curling can go more straight, but also slide farther.So just adjust the speed of the release, the speed of the spin and how fast the ice is rubbed, and you can make the curling move in the direction you want it to.How, curling this sport is not both physical knowledge, but also game thinking!Come and call your friends to do a simple curling match together, and experience the fun of game in the process of the match!