The 2022 27-inch iMacPro is coming. See you in April

2022-07-03 0 By

The new 27-inch iMacPro has been rumored for a long time, and we’ve seen a lot of leaks and rumors about it in recent months. Here, I’ll share all the news about the 2022 27-inch iMacPro, including the design, display, core specs, price, and release date.First, let’s talk about displays, and I can confirm that this new iMac Pro will come with a 27-inch Mini-LED display.The display will also support 120Hz ProMotion refresh rate.It will be very similar to the display on the 14 – and 16-inch MacBook Pros released last October and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro due in April 2021.Design I don’t want this display to have a bangs gap, although I have not heard of an internal prototype with such a bangs gap, although one can be seen in the rendering.The case of the iMac Pro will be very similar to the 24-inch iMac, though I’ve heard the chin will be slightly smaller, and there will be a deep-space gray version with black borders instead of white.I think it’s part of Apple’s strategy to make ordinary products look worse than “professional” devices and make people buy the latter even when they don’t need them, but that’s just me.In my opinion, the 2022 27-inch iMacPro is a well-designed product while exudes professional stuff, taking all the feedback from the 24-inch iMac to create an improved version of it.Core Configuration As expected, the iMac Pro will be available in M1 Pro and M1 Max configurations, there will be three RAM options of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, and up to 8TB SSD storage.This is really professional equipment, the new iMac Pro will have active cooling system, fans may be a bit noisy, but it will be minimal and under extremely heavy loads.While I’ve heard it gets really hot, since people don’t put it on their lap or get close to it like they would with a laptop, it’s not a big deal.Price and Release Date Finally, let’s talk about price and release date.Don’t expect it to cost less than $2,499. The 2022 iMac Pro is seen as a replacement for the 27-inch device. It won’t be as expensive as the 2017 iMac Pro, but it will be more expensive than the current Intel model.It’s a very expensive computer, but if you really need it, you can expect it, as it’s worth the price in its current specs.As for the release date, there’s been a lot of talk that the 2022 iMac Pro could come out at Apple’s spring event in April, so we’ll see you in April.