Stunning!!!!Hidden in the depths of the Qinling Mountains, there is always a special homestay that makes you move

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If you want to make something new in your life, you might as well leave your familiar living environment for a while.A good homestay can add a lot of comfort to your journey, and also allow you to better blend into the city and feel the regional culture in a land and water.Xiaobian recommends 9 features of Shangluo homestay, single-family villa, French garden, style old house……If you wake up at a place like this on the weekend, you’re off to a great start.Today let’s go into these b&Bs and embrace the “slow life”.Located in Luonan County, known as the hometown of Chinese characters, Huayang Old Street · Huaxilong Scenic Spot is an exquisite and elegant place for leisure and vacation.The scenic area integrates the profound history and culture of Luonan, the streets and lanes of Jiangnan style, the natural interest between fish and water, so that you can walk into flowers and green water, moss path, garden of flowers and trees, a courtyard of a scene, the elegant scenery will let you forget all the troubles, to find a harbor for the tired heart.02 los slips south ditch Home full name “novel impression – los south home” home stay facility, is located in the town of luonan inspection slips, mizoguchi and other need to spend big idea renovation houses look of home stay facility, “home” to the greatest degree do remain the same, genuine original, even the design of the house is very simple, is the decoration of the residence.The room has a TV, a coffee table, a bed, antique or creative lights, and no deliberate decoration or furnishings.Yangcheng Yizhuli Pavilion yangcheng Yizhuguan b&B, located in Shangnan County Yangcheng Yizhuguan scenic spot west village about 500 meters to the south, its predecessor is Chuangwang cooking camp.In front of the Zhuli Pavilion, there is a 50-meter long bamboo corridor. In the bamboo forest, every bamboo stands tall and upright, inching the sky and standing on the ground. Whether it is cold or hot, it is evergreen all year round, symbolizing the integrity and plain character of local residents and the positive and upward spirit of hard struggle.Sunny days came here, the golden sunshine sprinkled on the bamboo waves, the blue sea golden wave.Qinglin Resort is located in Shizhuangzi Village, SLATE Town, Shanyang County, where the terrain is severe and unique, tianzhu Mountain to the moon cave tourism loop through the border, shuangfeng Village, seven sisters ancient trees, Guandi Temple and other natural landscape closely dependent on it.After a hundred years here, the original villages of the Qinling Mountains have been spontaneously formed, with colorful folk customs.Located in the Qinglin Tourist Resort, a total of three main buildings, outdoor can accommodate 50 people dining, indoor can accommodate 120 people dining;There are 20 guest rooms, 30 beds, single rooms, standard rooms, three rooms and other types, indoor KTV, leisure chess room and other entertainment places.In 2020, it was rated as shangluo 4-star characteristic homestay by Shangluo Culture and Tourism Bureau, and awarded as calligraphy sketchbase and art creation Sketchbase by Shanyang Calligrapher’s Association and Painting Association.Although far away, green Forest Resort is the most pure place, if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, this is the best place.Look at the distant mountains, listen to the birds chirping and insects singing, and maybe you will fall asleep like a baby again.05 sanyo tianzhu mountain resort town Tianzhu health resort town is located in tianzhu monk checkpoint at the foot of the mountain village, planning a total area of about 178 hectares, superior natural resources projects relying on the tianzhu mountain, with modern technology combined with traditional Chinese health preservation methods, to build the entertainment leisure, fitness club, health resort in a body’s health resort town.The entertainment and leisure area of the town has 9 independent accommodation buildings, which are equipped with luxurious karaoke rooms, multi-function rooms, foot bath rooms, chess and card rooms, luxurious private rooms and cafeterias, which can receive more than 500 people at a time.Creative b&B, in the breeze whispering and murmuring water all the way, along the road, leisurely walk in the lush mountain forest.On one side of the two white buildings glimmering is the “Art house”, and on the opposite side of the “cloud house”, between the two houses in an arched posture distributed on the hillside, is the eye-catching pot house, colorful.07 ZhaShui yunlin cabin ZhaShui yunlin cabin according to slope house, brick wall, fence courtyard style, and in accordance with the concept of “five-star, indoor outdoor five thousand” centralized build “novel impression – garden” of a home stay facility, yunlin cabin, flower garden, such as high-end home stay facility, single family house, two layer, antique, each building has its own pattern and individual character, have illicit close sex extremely,It is the perfect place to live together, relax and enjoy the idyllic life.A total of 14 sets of courtyards, 57 rooms, a total of 110 people can accommodate accommodation.08 Nanshan courtyard Nanshan courtyard is tussah water folk culture researchers, shanju architecture descendants Mr. Zhou Wang and Chinese calligraphy association members, national first-class artists Mr. Hu Yishun, and folk investors with a combination of ideas, cultural travel, joint dedication of the fine works.Investment of 7 million yuan laid out environment, Angle of view, wide space and sauna room, entertainment, barbecue park, parking space due to the shape of the ground, natural nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, looking for a qinling Valley, looking for a clear spring wang Wang, build a health garden.09 97Motel 97 Motel is shangluo many features of the most “alternative rebel”, shaanxi is a pure American rural style Motel.It has an American-style publicity, built against the mountains, surrounded by green mountains and clear water.In this slightly quiet mountain field, one can experience a different American style without going abroad.The b&B is filled with western style everywhere, with small objects and decorations everywhere, wild and full of freedom.American style, western cowboy, all-terrain suv, beer barbecue, outdoor balcony, unique natural scenery, enjoy the pleasant time is not far from you.Danjiang river, flowing through the Qinling people flow into the bustling scenery ancient street, Qinling culture, landscape beauty, authentic food……Here is shangluo has the most beautiful scenery, the most moving story source: Shangluo News network statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: